The new document series from Netflix tells the story of the greatest thefts of all time

The new document series from Netflix tells the story of the greatest thefts of all time

“The Great Assaults of History” has six episodes and will air on Wednesday, July 14th.

After “This is a Heist: The World’s Greatest Art Robbery”, Netflix is ​​back on a documentary series that focuses on real (and epic) robberies. “The Great Assaults of History” is coming to the streaming platform this Wednesday, July 14th. There are a total of six episodes that cover three crimes.

Each director involved in this project – Derek Doneen, Martin Desmond Roe, and Nick Frew – was tasked with telling a case story in two chapters. This is a production by Dirty Robber, producer of this year’s Oscar-winning “Two Perfect Strangers”.

The idea was to use dynamic re-enactments, hectic cuts and interviews with the main actors – the result is a documentary series like an action film, based on the motto “Ocean’s Eleven – Place Your Bets” or “Catchme”. if you can “.

One of the robberies was carried out by a 21-year-old woman who stole millions of dollars that belonged to the powerful Las Vegas casinos. In another robbery, a man who really wanted to be a father steals a fortune at the Miami airport – and avoids being caught on TV shows. After all, a Kentucky family man is accused of one of the biggest bourbon thefts in history.

Throughout the series, one can see these criminals choosing their targets, following the meticulous planning that anticipated the coups, and understanding how they succeeded – at least until they got caught up in the mistakes they made (and those too be examined in this documentation series)).

In addition to interviews with the protagonists of the robberies themselves, there are testimonies from their families, accomplices and investigators who arrested them and brought them to justice. Much of the testimony is moving and profound.

Since this is a series with a brighter and livelier tone than many productions that cover real-life crimes, the aim was only to tell stories of robberies that did not involve deaths or major acts of violence. The idea was also to humanize these robberies and tell them in an entertaining way.

“These are definitely things people shouldn’t do – they shouldn’t steal $ 100 million from the federal government – but it works like a wish that can be granted,” described director Martin Desmond Roe, quoted by Entertainment Tonight.

Nick Frew adds in the same post that although he focuses on criminals, “people get involved and are surprised by the emotional journey” of the stories. They are “wrapped in the tales of salvation and repentance.”

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