the new dangerous challenge, censored by TikTok

Stupid and dangerous challenges abound on social media. We can’t count them anymore, but the latest one is causing spectacular falls and pain for those who try! That challenge is the Milk Crate Challenge. We explain what it is made of, what the risks are, and why authorities are warning anyone who wants to try the experiment.

Risk of paralysis and bleeding

In fact, the Milk Crate Challenge appeared on TikTok and other social platforms a few days ago. The aim is to stack plastic milk crates in a pyramid. Obviously the structure is unstable and the person trying to reach it has to climb onto the stack of boxes and then descend without falling. But as you can imagine, there are more failures than successes and the challenge usually ends with some formidable and painful falls.

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August 24, 2021

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August 24, 2021

Adding Super Mario sounds to the #milkcratechallenge makes it even better

23 August 2021

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August 22, 2021

Given the magnitude of this trend, doctors in the United States have made Internet users aware of the dangerous nature of this challenge. For a Kensas University emergency doctor, the risks are enormous. People can break their backs to the point of paralysis or have bleeding after being hit on the head.

Especially since the injuries are impressive, like that huge bruise shared by a user who risked the Milk Crate Challenge.

A stupid challenge in the middle of a pandemic

For the city of Baltimore, this challenge comes at a bad time due to the health situation associated with Covid and the congestion in hospitals. Authorities wrote on Twitter to review hospital bed occupancy before accepting dangerous challenges. Some commentators even go so far as to suggest that those who try their hand at the Milk Crate Challenge don’t get free treatment if they’re injured.

For its part, TikTok intervened by blocking search results on this challenge. Therefore, the platform displays a message informing users that these videos do not comply with the network rules. However, the videos are still visible on Twitter and Instagram.

We can’t remember enough about them, but these challenges that thrive on social networks are extremely dangerous and it is highly recommended that you not reproduce them for the sake of earning a few likes or views …

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