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The new biopic about the artist will divide fans

We knew a biopic about the life of Michael Jackson, the “King of Pop,” had been in the pipeline for several years without knowing any specific information about it. But some official information has finally come out. And one thing is for sure, the film will divide.

first concrete information about michael

From Billie Jean to Smooth Criminal to Beat It, Michael Jackson has multiplied numerous singles throughout his career, each more iconic than the last. Considered one of the greatest artists of the last century, he is considered by many to be the King of Pop. He has released ten solo albums and is one of the biggest record sellers of all time, selling more than 350,000 copies.

Even today, although he’s been dead for almost 13 years, he’s still very popular and has more than 27 million monthly listeners on Spotify. So it’s logical that a biopic is currently in the works about him, since it seems to have been in vogue for a few years, especially since the success of Bohemian Rhapsody, which returned to Freddy Mercury’s life.

The soberly titled Michael project had remained very vague until then, but we now know that it is being distributed by the American company Lionsgate (John Wick, Expendables). And speaking of Bohemian Rhapsody, it’s producer Graham King who will also be in charge of producing the Michael Jackson biopic: “I first met the Jackson family in 1981, […] I never imagined that almost 38 years later I would have the privilege of being a part of this film,” not even dated.

Finally, one last piece of important information has been revealed that will no doubt be divisive.

A biopic that ignores the allegations against Michael Jackson

Michael will provide audiences with an in-depth portrait of the complicated man the King of Pop has become. It will bring Jackson’s most iconic performances to life while providing insightful insights into the artist’s artistic process and personal life.

Here is Michael’s impersonation synopsis, conveyed in a press release, indicating that the artist’s personal life is well taken care of. Here’s the rub: If the feature film is going to be written by screenwriter John Logan (Gladiator, Alien: Covenant, Skyfall), it will be done under the supervision of Michael Jackson’s heirs, who therefore helped write the film, and must first approve everything is told in it.

One way to ensure this biopic faithfully portrays the life of the King of Pop…or is it? Since Michael Jackson’s family is involved in the project, it is certain that the charges against him will not be mentioned. In 1993, a man named Jordan Chandler accused the artist of sexually abusing a minor, but the charges were dropped after the family reached an amicable settlement. Rebelotte in 2003 with a man named Gavin Arvizo, but Michael Jackson was acquitted two years later. More recently, in 2019, the documentary Leaving Neverland features the testimonies of other alleged victims.

While these allegations of pedophilia have never been proven, the fact remains that the artist’s image has been tarnished. Therefore, if it seems logical that his family would not want to reconsider his allegations in the biopic dedicated to him, it could raise fears that the film will only offer a slick and false picture of the American star.


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