“The Nevers”: The new HBO fantasy series that is highly acclaimed

“The Nevers”: The new HBO fantasy series that is highly acclaimed

It will open in Portugal this Monday April 12th. The first season is divided into two parts.

The first season is divided into two parts.

August 1896. During the reign of Queen Victoria, London is rocked by a supernatural event that enables certain people – but not only women – to possess rare abilities of various kinds, from the most incredible to the most disturbing.

Regardless of anything, anyone belonging to this group of people is in great danger. The mysterious and speedy widow Amalia True (Laura Donnelly) and the brilliant young inventor Penance Adair (Ann Skelly) team up to protect and welcome these talents of humanity to an old orphanage. To do this, they must face the relentless forces determined to destroy their species.

This is the requirement for “The Nevers”, the new series from HBO, which will debut on the streaming platform in Portugal on Monday April 12th. The first season is divided into two parts of six episodes – there is still no date for the premiere of the second part.

Although it crosses a number of television genres, it is highly acclaimed by critics. On the one hand, in terms of scenography, costumes and art direction, it has the visual aspect of a historical drama in London. On the other hand, it’s a story of science fiction and fantasy that still has humorous and romantic moments in between.

The city is in an uproar and is still recovering from the inexplicable event that changed the world three years ago. People who have acquired special skills are called “touch”.

They arouse a lot of curiosity (as well as fear and prejudice) in the rest of the population. And there is even a campaign saying that England should be freed from this “female plague” (although some men also have superpowers).

The culture of patriarchy seems to panic over this sudden event. But there are more vicious factions involved in the narrative. There is a group of people who have acquired special skills and become a terrorist organization suspected of having committed murders and kidnappings.

His fame for terror is to have a target on the back of those who are “touched”. There’s a detective named Frank Mundi (Ben Chaplin) in charge of the investigation.

It is a series about persecution and power that ultimately deals with issues relevant to our society today. Responsible for the first half of the season is, for example, Joss Whedon, the creator of “Buffy, Vampire Slayer” and screenwriter of “The Avengers” or “Justice League”.

After successful productions like “True Blood”, “Watchmen” or of course “Game of Thrones”, this could be the next HBO fantasy story that will win over fans and leave a legacy.

“’The Nevers’ has supernatural realism, complex narratives, fantastic powers and real affairs that come together in this clever, colorful and engaging production. Some characters keep this story away from other worlds with their feet on the ground. Suspense studies and action-packed battles ensure that the story moves quickly. And all the luxurious surroundings and ambitious costumes – from London’s sewers to high society – form a visual candy store for historical nostalgia, ”praised the Los Angeles Times newspaper in its review.

“Even if you make a mistake of being stupid, it’s fun and unpredictable enough to be an exciting series that should make your following without much of a problem,” says the Variety reviewer.

The cast also includes names like Elizabeth Berrington, Brett Curtis, Martyn Ford, Nick Frost, Vinnie Heaven, Zain Hussain and Amy Manson.

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