The names of the 3 heroes were not chosen at random

The Curse of the Caribbean saga first hit our screens 18 years ago with The Curse of the Black Pearl, but do you know all of its secrets? Did you know that the names of the three main heroes were not chosen at random? You will see that the writers really had an eye for detail. We explain everything to you.

Jack Sparrow, Elizabeth Swan, Will Turner, if you don’t speak English you may never have noticed that their three last names refer to birds. In fact, sparrow means sparrow, swan means swan, and tern means tern (bird of the same family as gulls and gulls). These bird names were chosen not at random because they matched each hero’s personality and status, but also their desire to “fly free”. Will wants to escape his life as a blacksmith, Jack wants to be a free pirate and Elizabeth wants to get out of the golden cage she lives in to live her own adventures.

The sparrow for Jack because it’s a little bird that flies as it wishes. Why the swan for Elizabeth Swan? Because they are often associated with kings, they are graceful and elegant, but they also know how to defend themselves. A name that fits Elizabeth perfectly, who goes from prisoner to Lord of the Pirates throughout the saga. Finally, the tern for Will Turner because it is a seabird that spends most of its time flying over water. As is the case with Will, when he becomes captain of the Flying Dutchman at the end of Pirates of the Caribbean 3, he is doomed to sail at sea for 10 years before he can go ashore.

You now know the little secrets behind the names of the three heroes of the Pirates of the Caribbean. The saga will be back in theaters soon, but without our three heroes. Disney has decided to bet on a pirate woman who will be played by Margot Robbie as the main character.

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