While fans eagerly await the release of The Last Of Us, produced by the legendary HBO channel, traces of the multiplayer mode of The Last Of Us II have been found, a mode that Naughty Dog dropped in the greatest desperation of the players .

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One of the most critically acclaimed video game licenses in recent years, The Last Of Us has delighted fans and critics alike. A well-deserved success given the cinematic ambitions of the two games, the fascinating universe and the richness of the scenario and gameplay. While waiting for the release of the HBO series, developed by screenwriter Craig Maizin (to whom we owe the badass masterpiece Chernobyl), players continue to unravel the tiniest secrets of The Last Of Us II, which was released in 2020.

Dataminers recently discovered the traces of the multiplayer mode originally planned by Naughty Dog in The Last Of Us II. An ambitious project, judging by the information provided by the videographer Speclizer.

According to the YouTuber, Naughty Dog planned that the multiplayer mode would take the form of a battle royal on a map that brings together the emblematic locations of The Last Of Us II’s story. This map would make it possible to both enlarge the playing field for players and offer a wider variety of environments.

The dataminers also found that the multiplayer mode also provides a listening mode, which makes it possible to better localize one’s enemies and improve skills in stealth mode. Likewise, the presence of dogs would have been taken into account, as evidenced by the “collars” discovered in the game’s code.

One may wonder about the reasons that led Naughty Dog to abandon this multiplayer mode, albeit very promising. The first reason cited by industry observers would be the lack of success of other studios that have tried multiplayer on their major licenses, such as Tomb Raider in 2013.

The second reason would be Naughty Dog’s desire to create an essentially multiplayer game, The Last Of Us. A data that the studio had also confirmed in a press release, which justified its choice with its wish that the multiplayer mode is not simply additional content of the single player campaign, but actually just as ambitious and complete content as the main game.