The much awaited sequel of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is delayed to Spring 2023

Release of the unnamed sequel to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild has been put back until Spring 2023. A 2022 release date for the mysterious game was originally planned for the Nintendo Switch only. The game needs more time to make.

Producer Eiji Aonuma made the announcement in a video, in which he said he was sorry for the long wait. In order to make this game’s experience unique, the whole development team is working hard on this project. Link is shown going to the clouds to look for new adventures in the video, as well.

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One of the new things this time is the ability to pass through walls. As Link climbs a cliff, he can soar through the air and easily warp through the rocks to get to his destination. People who play this game say it’s mostly in between the clouds, where we can use our hand glider and fire arrows while flying. Aonuma said this is where a lot of the game takes place.

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Back in December 2021, Nintendo filed a patent for these new archery moves and dynamic poses, which let you freefall backwards or dive straight down with high speed. This is a lot like how Batman: Arkham games use the dive bomb mechanic.

Another new mechanic allows Link to rewind time, which was shown in the E3 2021 trailer. When he stopped a spike-ball in the middle, he rolled or rewind it back to hurt the enemies. IGN CEO Peer Schneider told industry insiders at The Game Awards 2021 that the game was supposed to come out in November this year, but now he says that isn’t the case.

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During this year’s Nintendo Direct event, fans were also hoping to see some new footage or learn about a specific release date. Unfortunately, none of that came to pass. Rather, the company said they were going to make a Mario Strikers game and a $25 DLC map pack for Mario Kart 8 that would last until the end of 2023.