The Most Shocking and Bizarre Moments of “Shameless” (which is coming to an end)


The Most Shocking and Bizarre Moments of “Shameless” (which is coming to an end)

The final season opens this Thursday, ten years after it started. You can follow the story on Fox Life.

The last season has 12 episodes.

We have known for over a year that this moment would come. The famous (and dysfunctional) Gallagher family, protagonists of the American version of “Shameless,” have one final season to complete their narrative – and all the little stories that inhabit this very own world that began ten years ago.

It will be the second season without one of the main characters, Fiona. His departure has led to a decline in the audience, which may also have motivated the end of production. The debut on Fox Life is scheduled for 11:10 p.m. this Thursday, August 5th. There are 12 episodes in total.

As fans know, it is the story of an alcoholic father, absent bipolar mother, and many children who grew up with three strokes in a poor suburb of Chicago, United States. The production (known as “No Limite” in Portugal) is full of surreal and shocking moments, the result of everyday life and the chaotic reality of these characters who had to adapt to everything from an early age in order to survive another day.

Broken families, drugs, alcoholism, fraud, attempted murder and lots of jail time. John Wells, one of the creators of the series, used his own “broken home” to imagine many situations in “Shameless”. But he also surrounded himself with screenwriters from similar backgrounds to complete the stories.

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