The misleading offer shocked Twitter and revealed Amazon’s greatest dangers


There has been a lot of talk about the Amazon company on social media in recent months, particularly about selling sex dolls with images of children or even CBD. On Twitter, a user fell victim to a very unfortunate experience with the Amazon company. To come back to this experience, he warns us about the guarantees of the company, which has been part of GAFAM since the mid-2000s.

The offer from Amazon

Twitter user Ashley Hakker (@BlissWallpaper) has uncovered a strange case. Amazon recently had “warehousing agreements” meaning used items or items with boxes already opened that were apparently being sold at reduced prices. Ashley Hakker, resident in Canada, took advantage of this offer to purchase an external hard drive with a capacity of 16 TB. As agreed, the buyer received the hard drive at home, on which a sticker “Amazon Warehouse Deals” was stuck INSPECTED “or” Amazon Warehouse Offer INSPECTED “. This declaration thus confirms that the purchased product was checked before shipping and thus corresponds to the buyer’s request.

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However, Ashley Hakker preferred to use the CrystalDiskInfo software to check the status of the drive. At that moment, the buyer found that the available storage capacity of their brand new hard drive was 8. Up to or half of the expected capacity.

Oh cool, my Amazon Warehouse 16 TB hard drive from @amazonca is here. Oh look, it has the tell-tale scars of being opened by the user. … and yes, the last person bought that 16TB, swapped the drive for an 8TB, and then returned it with the 8TB for a full refund.

23rd July 2020

Hakker therefore quickly inspected the hard drive with his own eyes and found that in his words he had “discovered scars showing that the case had been opened by another user”.

What this incident reveals about Amazon warehouses

The reason for Hakker’s problem is therefore as follows: Someone before him bought this hard drive, took the hard drive into the box (16 TB hard drive) and replaced it with an 8 TB. before sending it back to request a full refund. The Amazon company failed to carry out the necessary checks and then offered the item to the Amazon warehouse deal. Amazon Help responded to the Canadian user’s tweet, apologizing for the incident and sending him a link to replace the product.

However, this incident sheds light on the frauds that exist thanks to the company which undoubtedly does not have the human resources to inspect all the returned items, thus allowing certain products to be stolen. On the other hand, the fact that Amazon offers a warranty through the “Warehouse Deal” sticker is worthless since the hard drive was obviously not inspected as it should have been.