The maximum joker price increases to 75,000 euros

The maximum joker price increases to 75,000 euros

The RTP program presented by Vasco Palmeirim will have new rules and a new scenario.

News brings more excitement to the game

From this Monday, January 25th, “Joker” will increase the value of its maximum price from 50,000 to 75,000 euros. And the changes in RTP’s general cultural program don’t stop there.

After several years on the air, with expenses for children, special solidarity programs and even a board game, “Joker” will have new rules in a format that is expected to be even more attractive. First of all, the scenario will be changed, the program will be longer, there will be new questions and even a much higher maximum premium.

“It’s just extraordinary to know that the ‘Joker’ will receive a new grand prize. And not only. More questions, more levels, more jokers, bonus rounds that give money and a maximum value of 75,000 euros! “Reveals the moderator Vasco Palmeirim in a statement.

“Nowadays, I can’t imagine my life without this competition. And it is good to know that it reaches audiences from the youngest to the oldest, ”he says, adding that“ the Joker is becoming the general cultural competition that gives more money in Portugal. And you have an even happier presenter. “

You can see all of these messages Monday through Friday at 9.45pm on RTP1.

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