The Marvel series is a spin-off for this new heroine of the MCU, even before it’s even released


The Marvel Cinematic Universe is not growing yet! The Hawkeye series, which is slated for the end of the year, is already offering a spin-off for a very specific character. It is featured for the first time in the series dedicated to Clint Barton and Kate Bishop.

A new heroine

WandaVision, Falcon and the Winter Soldier, Loki, Hawkeye, Ms. Marvel, 2021 is going to be full of Marvel Studios series on Disney +, and you’re not done with feasting just yet. The company with the big ears is already preparing a lot of other content for the coming years. Thanks to Variety, today we learn that a new series is in preparation, will be a spin-off of the Hawkeye series and will be dedicated to Echo. This character, also known as Maya Lopez, is a deaf superhero by birth. This new project is overseen by Emilly and Etan Cohen, to whom we owe Tonnerre sous les Tropiques and Men in Black 3.

Echo will take its first steps in the series dedicated to Black Widow’s best friend. In it we can follow Kate Bishop’s training and how she becomes the new Hawkeye. Clint Barton is always played by Jeremy Renner to camp Kate Bishop, the production Hailee Steinfeld has targeted. Vera Farmiga will be Eleanor Bishop, Tony Dalton will be Jack Duquesne, Zahn McClarnon will be William Lopez and finally, Alaqua Cox will be Maya Lopez aka Echo. No release date has been announced for the Hawkeye series at the moment, but it’s still well planned for 2021. We still have to be patient with the Echo spin-off, which is in the early stages of production.

Who is Echo?

Echo, real name Maya Lopez, is an American born Deaf who possesses the ability to perfectly copy another person’s movements or fighting style. You can recognize her by the white hand on her face. An impressive opponent who has already shown all her talent in the comics in which she crossed paths with the Avengers, Daredevil or even Moon Knight. It was the first to use Ronin’s name, a name Clint Barton would use in turn. By the way, remember that this was the name Hawkeye had when he was a mercenary for 5 years after Thanos snapped his fingers in Avengers: Endgame. We can’t wait to discover this heroine’s abilities on our screens.