The Mandalorian ex-actress receives new support

Discharged from The Mandalorian series after her controversial remarks, Gina Carano drew not only the ire of many fans around the world, but also that of Lucasfilm and much of Hollywood. However, the former Cara Dune performer also benefits from the growing support of several personalities.

Controversial remarks that drive her into isolation

Over time, his various transphobic and anti-mask expressions on social networks had seriously affected his popularity. However, it was her comparisons between the current situation of Republicans in the United States and Jews during World War II that made the actress’s career better, even though she had a bright future.

The former MMA fighter played one of the main supporting roles in the Lucasfilm series, and the production studio even planned to give her her own Rangers of the New Republic series.

Given the austerity measures taken by the Hollywood studios and public anger, his career appears to have been badly damaged today.

Growing support for Gina Carano

Gina Carano doesn’t seem to have said her last word, however, and is doubling up on her media outings to take her case. It thus has the growing support of several personalities. Recently, the founder of the very conservative Daily Wire, Ben Shapiro, publicly endorsed her by allowing her to speak at length on his media. His support didn’t stop there as he is also preparing to fund Carano’s next film.

Bill Bert to the rescue of the actress

This time the actress was able to rely on a new ally in the person of Bill Burr, who plays Migs Mayfeld on the Disney + series.

In episode 49 of his podcast entitled The Bill Bert Podcast, the actor spoke several times about the Carano affair and did not fail to vigorously defend his former colleague, whom he seems to have strong in his heart.

She was an absolutely lovely person. A super nice person. She didn’t deserve this unless she’d done really terrible crap or openly made racist comments. I don’t know, I think there are just too many channels and everything has to be sensational. I don’t understand anything about it. I’m on that damn show too, so now I have to be careful with every move too?

On that occasion, the actor also pointed to the cancellation of the Hasbro-made Cara Dune character, as he was confident that comments made on his podcast would be redirected to get rid of his “bald figure”.

This is how it works now. It’s a crazy time. People are just there and waiting in the tall grass.

Despite the strong support for the actress, Disney doesn’t take insults and definitely seems detached from her. If Gina Carano’s future does not seem entirely threatened, given his new support, the presence of Cara Dune’s character, him, remains uncertain.

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