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The Mandalorian and Rogue One point to flaws in the third Star Wars trilogy

Be careful, in this article we are talking about elements of the final episodes of the Mandalorian series that have come out. If you haven’t seen them, it’s best to stop here to avoid the prey.

The trilogy that sowed the seeds of discord among Star Wars fans is the third, namely the youngest. It must be said that from the start it was a showdown between directors JJ Abrams and Rian Johnson. Overall, critics agree that Abrams copied many elements of the original trilogy into The Force Awakens, while Johnson’s The Last Jedi was a little too drastic to steer the franchise in one direction. too daring. When it comes to The Rise of Skywalker, many internet users consider it to be the worst movie in the entire franchise. However, Rogue One by Gareth Edwards and The Mandalorian by Jon Favreau managed to gain public favor and bypass most of the existing controversy. We therefore wonder how these two works were successful and what this results from the mistakes of the previous Star Wars trilogy.

Lack of confidence in new heroes

The Force Awakens introduced a new group of heroes, namely Rey, Finn, and Poe, but also used previously familiar characters (Leia, Luke, and Han) as a safety net to encourage older fans. to see this new work. However, some of them pointed out this flaw, saying that the characters inherited from previous films had already proven themselves (and their time). The arcs in which they appeared were satisfactory, and there was no point in having them appear in the new trilogy other than reassuring a few early-stage fans who didn’t want to continue.

Finn is arguably the most banned character in the background, despite having the potential to achieve great things. Efforts to connect Rey with Palpatine are also symptomatic of Disney’s loss of confidence in her new characters. Everything is related to the original trilogy. Disney thought this would make their new heroes “worthy” characters, but they have often been dwarfed because of this choice.

A bit too reused characters

Reusing characters inherited from the original trilogy poses certain problems that can relate to very large points of the plot, such as: B. very small inconsistencies. Despite its shortcomings, Johnson’s The Last Jedi had managed to take a good initiative, which was to “kill the past.” If that had been the central theme of the third trilogy it might have worked, but as it stands, The Last Jedi is just a pretty subversive middle chapter. Somehow he’s caught between two bodies of water. The fact that Luke wins the decisive battle of the films, not the new heroes, actually undermines the “prescient” theme that Johnson introduced.

In The Rise of Skywalker, the elements of contention are more important. The biggest of them, one that has deeply divided fans, is the resurrection of Palpatine and the connection with Rey without giving a hint of his presence in The Force Awakens or The Last Jedi. was carried out. Some critics had also pointed out “bad fanfiction” between Rey and Palpatine.

Solo: A Star Wars story, a film based on success

Ron Howard’s film Solo: A Star Wars Story received critical acclaim, but also polarized fans. It must be said that the film can be seen as a real effort by Disney to reassure viewers. A plot based on the character of Han Solo actually challenged every established canon.

However, we can complain about the fact that Solo is a bit boring and doesn’t have great moments that have been picked up and discussed by the entire community. Some even criticize him for getting into fan service. Solo was therefore a box office disappointment and became the least profitable Star Wars film since the Lucasfilm acquisition. Disney was therefore led to the following conclusion: The Force Awakens and Solo were too predictable, while The Last Jedi was too daring. What is the happy medium? Could an interim approach lead to some consensus?

The success stories of Rogue One and The Mandalorian in their respective fields

First, let’s be clear that neither Rogue One nor The Mandalorian took a particularly bold approach to the franchise. Both works attempt to use elements of the original trilogy to tell new stories to fans, but don’t take the risk of addressing particularly controversial elements. Rogue One and The Mandalorian, however, don’t fall into the mild reuse we saw earlier in the final trilogy. If these two premises have succeeded where others have failed, it is mainly because they used new characters rather than trying to fill the backstory with legacy characters.

Rogue One used characters we know well, but sparingly. Tarkin, Leia and Darth Vader made little appearances and were impressive every time. As for The Mandalorian, Mando and Grogu are new characters. They look like characters from the original trilogy, of course, but they’re in no way committed to their story. They can go their own way without having to worry about their inheritance. This is a real strength that allows the series to do well and not be as controversial as the last Star Wars trilogy. Of course, there are some characters known to the public like Ahsoka Tano, but they don’t get in the way of the narrative, on the contrary. It must also be said that The Mandalorian has a bit more fan service … Refined? The series indeed explores the established canon and remains affordable for those new to the Star Wars universe.


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