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The makers of “Black Mirror” publish a surprise teaser – something about 2020 is coming

The makers of “Black Mirror” publish a surprise teaser – something about 2020 is coming

Before this stranger ends, the dystopian series of the moment has something to add to these strange times.

2020 inspires “Black Mirror”.

The year 2020 could be an episode of “Black Mirror”. This is a feeling those who know the series will have felt at some point during this year of the pandemic and imprisonment. Now is the time for the series and this strange year to come together.

Charlie Brooker is the creator of the Netflix series, which is already in its fifth season, and has presented us with creative episodes that often focus on bizarre and dystopian realities. On Thursday December 3rd, the series creator posted a very cryptic teaser on Twitter that caught the eye.

The ten-second message reads: “2020. Not even the makers of ‘Black Mirror’ could invent such a year. But they have something to add ”. The teaser ends later with the Netflix logo and the message that what’s coming will be “soon”.

It should be noted that there has not yet been any confirmation of the arrival of the sixth season. It is therefore not known whether a new season, a new episode or even a film will come next, as “Black Mirror” also attracted attention with “Bandersnatch”, an interactive work in which viewers could choose different narrative paths.

This year there was already an advertising campaign for a new season in which the viewer would be the focus of the story. Another possibility, “NME” notes, is a possible fake documentary that Hugh Grant recently referred to, and Charlie Brooker would be working on a project in that direction for Netflix. With “Black Mirror” we already know that we don’t always know what to expect. After all, there will be good news for the fans – whatever it is.


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