The majority of people in Yemen have no money for food | Free press


A civil war has been raging in Yemen for six years. The humanitarian situation is catastrophic. A large part of the population also lacks basic food.

Sanaa (dpa) – Six years after the start of the civil war in Yemen, the majority of the people no longer have enough money to buy food. According to a survey by the International Rescue Committee (IRC), 60 percent of the population can no longer afford basic food.

About three-quarters of the nearly 27,000 respondents reduced the number of meals – most to provide enough food for their own children.

The reason is a huge price increase, which according to the IRC is also caused by the conflicts with their warfare. For example, they attacked food supplies and hindered the import of food. The UN has long been warning of a famine in Yemen.

In the desperately poor country, a military alliance led by Saudi Arabia has been fighting with the government against the Iranian-allied Houthi rebels for six years. On Monday, Saudi Arabia had proposed an immediate ceasefire as part of a new peace initiative. The Houthis reacted negatively.

The Norwegian Refugee Council also fears new fighting in the country. This year, an additional 670,000 people could be displaced. Since 2015, four million people have been forced to leave their homes by the war.

Oxfam also sees this development as a danger due to the corona pandemic. “We are very concerned that these new releases will increase the spread of Covid-19,” said Yemen country director Muhsin Siddiquey. “The completely overcrowded refugee camps are particularly prone to Covid-19.”

Officially, the country has recorded 3,418 cases and 751 deaths so far. According to Oxfam, there are no nationwide tests in Yemen. Many people did not go to the hospital despite the symptoms – for fear of unaffordable medical bills.

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