the maid who made us sing “ó troilaré” in “Family Doctor”

Maria João Abreu: The wild woman who made us sing “ó troilaré” in “Family Doctor”.

The actress, who came to the country in the huge hit of SIC, is in a coma after suffering an aneurysm. The prognosis is reserved.

In 1998 there weren’t a thousand and one channels, reality shows, YouTube. The family sat on the sofa after dinner and watched what was happening on the four generalist channels. This year, one series caught the attention of more viewers than any other. Among the characters stood out a woman with Nordic pronunciation, a sharp tongue and a sweet voice who sang “Ó troilaré, ó troilará”.

The actress was 33 years old and eventually took on a prominent role on television, where she had switched from comedy to comedy in recent years, from “Nico d’Obra” to “Big Show SIC”, from “Os Malucos do Riso” to “Camilo and Son”. Two decades later there is no one who does not recognize her and who has become one of the most popular characters in television and theater.

Maria João Abreu is in the news now for less fortunate reasons. He felt bad during a recording session on April 30th and may have passed out. A brain aneurysm was diagnosed in the hospital. The actress remains in a coma and has a poor prognosis.

More than twenty years ago, prime-time programming on television without an avalanche of content had the ability to create overarching moments and characters that everyone recognized. It was the case of Lucinda, the maid of the Melo family, who got half the country to sing “Ó troilaré, ó troilará, you came for me, you came here”.

This was, in fact, the name of the magazine show she created with then-husband José Raposo – they lived together for 23 years and divorced in 2008 – with which he founded the production company Toca dos Raposos at the time. The magazine was also one of his passions. She took the stage in the Maria Matos Theater in the 80s. Despite becoming one of the most sought-after actresses on television, she never left the theater or the magazine for nearly three decades.

He starred in “Dream of a Midsummer Night” in Tivoli in 2019, but five years earlier he was still trying to make audiences laugh on “Portugal à Gargalhada,” a show that Portuguese magazine revisited.

Despite the many joys, the theater also gave some inconvenience. He revealed it in a 2019 interview where he claimed he had been molested. “I suffered from bullying in the theater until I ended up in the hospital. It was serious, very serious. I had a lot of nightmares, ”he explained of the situation that brought her to the hospital with an anxiety attack.

Few works, however, have garnered as much attention as the 1998 series, which told the story of a widowed doctor who commanded a large family. Three children – with Sara Norte, Francisco Garcia and Karina Queiroz – and father and grandfather Zé (Henrique Mendes). Lucinda was the fifth element, almost always present.

The success was so great that “Family Doctor” – a moving story adapted from a Spanish series of the same name – had three seasons, more than 100 episodes over two years and a cast that grew up with names like Ricardo Carriço , Rita Blanco and São José Lapa.

In the motherless house, Lucinda was, in a way, the mother figure in the house. A strengthening of the family that reflected Maria João Abreu’s strong connection to the family. He said it in 2013 in RTP’s “Who is What You Think You Are”.

“The family is the mainstay of my life.” A family of humble origins who “went all you got at the expense of work”. Like many Portuguese from other parts of the country, their parents came to the capital to work. The father from Braga, the mother from Torres Novas.

“Life wasn’t easy at first. My parents worked hard to give us education and comfort. I learned from my mom how to fight, fight, fight and never give up. “

Despite her tough childhood, she had success as an actress. “I remember looking for pennies in the drawers to buy a pound of rice for dinner. I was seven or eight years old, ”he recalled in an interview with Daniel Oliveira.

“My mother is a force of nature. He worked hard. I would fix things. I made my first tomato rice when I was eight. I’ve always been a very mature child. I didn’t know how to play. She was panic about failure and had a great need to feel love, ”explained the actress, who has two children of her own.

Bad news in November 2020. Her father, 78 years old, died of Covid-19. He left a message on social media: “Dad, you always said that life is a fantasy and cannot be taken seriously. But your departure leaves a great emptiness in my heart. You have always been recognized for your kindness and generosity. And so your memory will last. I love you so much.”

In a new, complicated phase of health – she suffers from a chronic disease that causes widespread pain, fibromyalgia – Maria João Abreu is struggling with a serious health problem herself. The result is still unknown.

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