The Teaser For The Longest Night Is Out Now – Find the Official Release Date Here!!

The Longest Night, an upcoming thriller series on Netflix, will come out on July 8. The streaming service has also released the first teaser trailer for the show. The upcoming six-part crime thriller series takes place in a psychiatric prison and is about trying to free a notorious serial killer on Christmas Eve.

As is typical for Netflix shows, all episodes should come out at the same time. After five seasons of the popular Spanish-language show La casa de papel, also known as Money Heist, the new show will be available to stream.

Netflix released the first teaser trailer for The Longest Night (La noche más larga) on Monday. The series takes place in Monte Baruca, a mental hospital where serial killer Simón Lago is locked up (Luis Callejo).

On December 24, armed people surround the prison and cut off all communication with the outside world so that Lago can get out. But they will have to fight Hugo (Alberto Amman), who is in charge of the prison and has chosen to fight back against the armed men.

The teaser trailer for The Longest Night starts with the sound of a sliding jail cell door as a prisoner looks at a clock. Next, LED-style text says “one night,” and then an eight-hour timer starts counting down. Even though Netflix hasn’t said much, it looks like the series will be about what happens in one night.

The trailer quickly changes to a split-screen view of four characters, followed by the words “one prison” and more views of the characters as the lights suddenly get darker. “No way out,” the text on the screen says.

The fast-paced trailer suddenly shows four different scenes at once: people fighting while on fire, a man violently beating an unknown object or person, another person being carried away while screaming, and a shot of two speeding police cars with their emergency lights on. Callejo, the serial killer, is shown again in the prison.

As Hugo walks away, he hears Callejo say, “It’s going to be a long night, Hugo.” These are the only words heard in the trailer. The video on YouTube has a caption that says, “The countdown has already started, and in the Monte Baruca prison, chaos is about to break out.”

Oscar Pedraza, who directed Sky Rojo and Tierra de Lobos, is in charge of The Longest Night. Many of the actors in The Longest Night have also been in other Netflix shows.

The Longest Night – Cast & Crew!!

They include Alberto Amman (Narcos, Narcos: Mexico), Lius Callejo (Below Zero, Risen), and José Luis García Pérez (In from the Cold, Buried). Fran Berenguer (Air Kisses, The Cover), David Solans (Merl, Son of Cain), and Maria Caballero are also in the group (The Ministry of Time, Parot).

On July 8, all six episodes of The Longest Night will be available to stream on Netflix in India and everywhere else. Stay tuned for more updates!!

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