the list of the 10 best albums of the year

Here we have reached the time of year when we have to do a retrospective of the best records that caught our eye. Without further ado, as readers opened this article to see the famous list, not to read me filling sausages, here are the top 10 best songs produced in 2021.

10. Alister Fawnwoda / Suzanne Ciani / Greg Leisz – “Milan”

One of the best kept secrets of 2021, “Milan” is the electronic baby of the collaboration between rookie Alister Fawnwoda of veteran synthesizer queen Suzanne Ciani (one of my favorite artists – listen to “Seven Waves” (1982) and “The Velocity” Of Love “an” (1986)) and guitarist Greg Leisz. In good cyanistic tradition, “Milan” brings us the sounds of the oceans with a melodic, dark and spacious ambient music record. The perfect soundtrack for a Sunday night to fight the Sunday blues.

Keytrack: “Night Bunny”

9. Sault – “Nine”

This message will self-destruct in 99 days. Like Inspector Gadget, Sault’s new album also arrived with a self-destruct message warning of its limited availability on streaming services. A fusion of soul, R&B, downtempo and a hip-hop scent from Little Simz. In 9th place of this count, of course.

Keytrack: “Bitter Streets”

8. The war on drugs – “I don’t live here anymore”

Adam Grandiciel’s band is the Mercedes of rock music today. Solid, sturdy and reliable it never makes a bad album. “I Don’t Live Here Anymore” came with the pomp and circumstance of giant billboards on the London Underground, usually reserved for Adeles and Ed Sheerans, signaling that it was already a safe bet for the publisher. It’s a step down from “A Deeper Understanding” (2017) and “Lost In The Dream” (2014), but fear not – The War On Drugs has never let us down.

Keytrack: “Living Proof”

7. Low – “HEY WAS”

Who Says Number 13 Is Unlucky? In 2021 Low released their 13th album and the most ambitious of their discography. With “HEY WHAT”, pioneers since the 90s, Low tread a new path for a future rock album. Fat, partly electronic, partly static, partly noise, there is no box that fits this record. It’s not an album to be listened to every day, but it rewards repeated and more attentive listening.

Keytrack: “White Horses”

6. Neil Young & Crazy Horse – “Barn”

In the past ten years, Neil Young seems to have traded the quality that distinguished him in the 1970s for quantity. Among the myriad of albums he releases each year, it was difficult to single out one to prove that Neil is still a creative force. Until you reach “barn”. Neil Young’s best album of the last decade opens with his unmistakable harmonica and once again shows Crazy Horses ripping through their guitars like in the good old days. Unfortunately, Neil’s voice is gone and is not coming back. But when you close your eyes, you smell the same scent as the records from 1991 (“Ragged Glory”), 1975 (“Zuma”) and 1970 (“Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere”).

Keytrack: “Welcome back”

5. The Anchor – “The Art of Losing”

After several not always successful experiences with Paul Draper (ex Mansun), Catherine Anne Davies (alias The Anchoress) finally fulfills her potential with the pulsating “The Art Of Losing”. It’s the hottest entry on this list, an album full of pop pearls, full of hooks that stands out for the addicting title track that I think is simply the song of the year. You-you-ru-ru.

Keytrack: “The Art Of Losing”

4. Floating Points, Pharoah Sanders & The London Symphony Orchestra – “Promise”

The album, which emerged from the collaboration between electronic musician Sam Shepherd (aka Floating Points), saxophonist Pharoah Sanders and the London Symphony Orchestra, is an outlier of record production of 2021 and for niche audiences. This wonderful ambient album, the son of works by Brian Eno and Harold Budd, received critical acclaim and hit the lists of all music publications. It’s in mine too, although ambient music records are much more common here (it’s the second entry on this list).

Keytrack: “Movement 3”

3. Dry cleaning – “New long leg”

The “Lulu” that worked. Dry Cleaning appeared in 2021 with the same formula that Metallica and Lou Reed presented ten years ago. But instead of Metallica we have a London branch of Joy Division and instead of Lou Reed we have an erotic operator – the excellent Florence Shaw. “New Long Leg” is Dry Cleaning’s debut album and it makes your mouth water for what’s to come.

Main piece: “Leafy”

2. Actor – “Acts of Worship”

Speaking of post-punk derivations, the actors come to us from the end of the world, Vancouver, with a record of apocalyptic synthesizers to tell us about death and the end of the world. It’s an absolute revelation yet to be discovered by most music publications around the world. The best kept musical secret of 2021. Go to Trust.

Keytrack: “Once again with feeling”

1. Sam Fender – “Seventeen Are Going Under”

At a time when there is no mainstream dominant style, and we are bombarded by tons of records trying to get out of the box in all directions (this list includes a few examples), it is sometimes easy to forget the most important – the song. The art of craft. And in the art of writing a song (or sixteen), no one has touched Sam Fender in 2021. Fender arrives fearlessly and risks putting a guitar solo on a song in 2021. Better: do the unthinkable and paint your record with saxophone solos! 2021! “Seventeen Going Under” is a revelation and a hope. Hope for what’s next. Breakthrough in mature songs, innocently inspired and meeting the challenges of adulthood – it’s Sam Fender’s “Born To Run”. Bruce Springsteen’s influence is obvious, and if you remind me of Boss, it can only be a good thing. And as your manager Jon Landau wrote when he first saw Bruce in 1974, I’ll repeat it too – I saw the future of rock ‘n’ roll and his name is Sam Fender.

Keytrack: “Get You Down”


20. The Coral – “Coral Island”

19. God bless! Schwarzer Kaiser – “G_tts Piss at the end of the state!”

18. IDLE – “SCREW”

17. black midi – “Cavalcade”

16. Squid – “Light Green Field”

15. Black Country, New Road – “For the First Time”

14. Mogwai – “How Love Goes On”

13. Amorphous androgynous – “We convince ourselves that we are immortal”

12. Wolf Alice – “Blue Weekend”

11. Sharon Van Etten – “Epic Ten”

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