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The Legends of Marvel Studios, What If …? All the news for August 2021

Each month the SVOD Disney + platform displays its catalog of releases for the month ahead. In July, films like Ant-Man and the Wasp or The Incredibles 2 added to the platform’s list. This month Disney continues to embellish our summer vacation with a more varied offer. It will be the Marvel animated series What if …? The critically acclaimed Western The Rider or the Star Wars Vintage: Clone Wars, Star Wars: Ewoks (Seasons 1-2) and Star Wars Vintage: Droids 1-2) series to familiarize yourself with future Star Wars productions close.

Week of August 4th to 11th

August 4th: Legends of Marvel Studios. On the eve of Phase 4 of the MCU, the Marvel Studios Legends documentary series returns to the first three phases. Key moments, cult films, heroes, villains, the documentary skilfully bridges the before and after.

August 6th: The rider. Acclaimed by the press, The Rider tells the story of Brady, an aspiring rodeo star who, after a terrible fall on horseback, must find a new reason to live in the heart of wild America. No more competitions, the cowboy has to find a new identity. A drama against the backdrop of a western for mild summer evenings.

August 11th: What if …? The cartoon series What if …? re-introduces some of the key events from the Marvel-influenced films set in an alternate universe while retaining the various heroes of the MCU. A premiere that will act as a locomotive for future animation productions with the opening of a branch dedicated exclusively to the production of animation content. In fact, Victoria Alonso, Executive Vice President of Film Production at Marvel Studios, has announced that several original live-action productions will appear on the platform by the end of the year, including Hawkeye and Ms. Marvel.

August 11: The X-Files (Seasons 10 and 11)

Week from August 12th to 18th

August 13: Ewoks: The Battle of Endor August 13: Malbar Princess August 13: Star Wars Vintage: Clone Wars, the miniseries; Star Wars: Ewoks (Seasons 1 to 2), Star Wars Vintage; Droids (Seasons 1 to 2)


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