The legendary Tigerman tours Portugal’s clubs


The legendary Tigerman tours small Portuguese clubs

The artist will perform in Aveiro, Coimbra, Leiria, Torres Vedras and Loulé to support the circle of smaller theaters.

The legendary Tigerman wants to help Portuguese clubs.

For five nights, between July 19th and 23rd, The Legendary Tigerman project will go through various Portuguese low-capacity clubs. “Fix of Rock’n’Roll” is a love letter from the musician Paulo Furtado to clubs that were indispensable not only in his career, but also in his training as a person. The main objective of this short tour is to bring to life this sector that has been badly hit by the pandemic.

For the artist, “the Portuguese club circuit is essential to the social, cultural and economic fabric of the music industry. Clubs are traditionally the first to invest in emerging talent and serve as a compass that points to the future of music. “

The concerts will take place on the 19th in Aveiro on Avenida; on the 20th in Coimbra, in Salão Brazil; the 21st in Leiria, at the Texas Bar; on the 22nd in Torres Vedras, at the Bang Venue; and on the 23rd in Bafo de Baco in Loulé. As the space restrictions are greatly reduced, appearances will be broadcast on your Instagram page. The performances will also include video jamming directed by JP Moreira.

All tickets have a value of € 13 and are available at the club box offices. If you wish, you can also make a donation that will be shared between the Audiovisual Union, the clubs and the artist.