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The latest supervillain reveal continues to infuriate fans

Be careful if you fail to answer the question, “Who is really related in the Spider-Man comics?” Want to be pampered. or, if you haven’t read The Amazing Spider-Man # 50, we recommend that you stop reading.

The loot starts here. Nick Spencer finally revealed Kindred’s true identity this month in issue # 850 of The Amazing Spider-Man (if you look at the historical numbering, or # 50 if you count since the last relaunch). This reveal made headlines, but many fans disagree with the chosen plot. We immediately take stock of Nick Spencer’s big reveal.

Nick Spencer and Spider-Man

Nick Spencer took over for The Amazing Spider-Man in 2018. He did his part very well by introducing a new and mysterious villain, a mystical being who was delighted to manipulate the life of Spider-Man his way, a villain named Kindred.

Nick Spencer said for CBR:

When Kindred first appeared in the very first installment of our series without a notice, people were already suspecting it was Harry. (…) I’ve said it before, but Amazing Spider-Man is the only comic I’ve read without a break in my life. So this is where I have the best aerial photo on the subject, and what really struck me is why, for a book motivated by a moral lesson on responsibility, there are so many things that are kind of under the carpet was swept, only to never be mentioned again in the end. I’ve seen it and I’ve been drawn to it more and more. For me, Peter Parker took a ruthless personal tribute. And Kindred is the personification of that.

The revelation on Kindred

Clues had been left in Spider-Man’s later adventures, but it wasn’t until The Amazing Spider-Man # 50 that we got the final reveal: Kindred was actually Harry Osborn, one of Peter Parker’s oldest friends.

However, not everyone liked this revelation, as we shall see in a moment.

Harry Osborn’s story

To understand why this reveal is a problem for some fans, we need to reconsider Harry Osborn’s story. The latter is the son of the very wealthy Norman Osborn (aka Green Goblin). Peter Parker and Harry quickly became very good friends after they both attended Empire State University. Ironically, the escalating conflict between Spider-Man and the Green Goblin helped bring them even closer. When Norman Osborn was killed by Peter Parker, he tried to comfort his son, his best friend, while feeling terribly guilty for causing such a wave of sadness in him.

As a result of that episode, Harry became obsessed with Spider-Man and when he found out it was Peter Parker, he made the choice to become the brand new Green Goblin. This fit of madness and anger would later have been suppressed with the help of appropriate psychological treatment, and Harry Osborn would then have managed to return to a much simpler and more humble life and even build his own family. Unfortunately, a new tantrum tore him apart a little later. This time Harry injected himself with his father’s formula and became an especially powerful green goblin. His mind was therefore torn in two. One of them had a nameless hatred of Peter Parker and the other continued to love and respect her lifelong friend. The new Green Goblin sacrificed himself and saved Peter from a trap. He died of a fatal heart attack.

Years later, Spider-Man makes a deal with Mephisto, the Lord of Hell, that allows him to rewrite history and keep his identity a secret. This scenario is that of the very controversial “One More Day”. Within this changed timeline, Harry survives the once fateful heart attack and is sent to Europe to recover. Upon his return, he rebels against his father and even manages to overcome his terrible influence during the event.

The Harry Osborn Story and Nick Spencer’s Revelation

For some fans it is downright implausible that the Harry Osborn who rebelled and managed to hold his own against his father is also the annoying and utterly twisted individual that is Kindred. To critics of Nick Spencer’s version, the revelation makes no sense unless one imagines that there could be two versions of Harry Osborn. After all, we don’t know the details of Mephisto’s manipulation and it is possible that he created an entirely new timeline.

Nick Spencer, meanwhile, suggests that this turnaround is related to Harry’s resurrection in 2008 and that his rivalry with Peter was put aside or even forgotten a little too quickly. And you what do you think Do not hesitate to answer us, we will read your comments with pleasure.


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