The last update is the straw that broke the camel’s back

For a few months now, players of Red Dead Online, the multiplayer version of Red Dead Redemption II, have been waiting desperately for a huge update that offers them a lot of content. And with the update “Elite Bounty Hunters”, the Red Dead Online community expected a turnaround. She was just the drop of water that broke the camel’s back.

when frustration builds up

This update, released on December 1st, includes two major new features: the Prestigious Bounty License and Outlaw Pass # 4. A total of 10 new Prestigious Ranks, new Role Items, New Wanted Criminals and more have been added. In the past, the Outlaw Pass offered 40 gold bars to those who made it. There is a free version, but the premium and paid versions are profitable for those who see the end.

Now this Outlaw Pass only offers 30 gold bars in its final form. The remaining 10 bars can be obtained by players who pay for access to the paid version from the first week. In addition, only 30 bars can be obtained. So, taking part in this pass once it is released offers a benefit as well as a virtual $ 400. A change in Rockstar’s strategy that is not well received by the community and that expects the American studio to turn to Red Dead Online gamers has been neglected for some time rather than moving away.

In addition, the rewards this fourth run shows are meager. Reluctant players only have a few days to decide. 30 gold bars are not enough to be called “profitable”. Months go by and the Red Dead Online gamers’ frustration mounts. While some waited for Rockstar to face a gesture in their direction, the American studio preferred to cut their livelihoods and lower the amount of gold earned during daily quests.

Playing Red Dead Online for free is therefore more restrictive than ever. Rockstar tries to force players to put their hands in their pockets quickly, while loyal players simply crave quality content. Given the astronomical sums generated by microtransactions, Rockstar and Take Two, its publisher, seem to have a different idea. Hopefully the situation will improve because the servers are empty and not filling up. On the other side of the border, at GTA Online, the updates are generous and so is Rockstar, the priorities all seem to have been drawn for the American giant.

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