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The last treehouse camps in the Dannenröderbos are cleared | Free press

For more than three weeks, the police have cleared a forest area in central Hesse that has been occupied by activists for the construction of the Autobahn 49. Now the clean-up operation is probably coming to an end.

Homberg / Ohm (dpa) – Amid further protests from environmental and climate activists, police cleared the last two remaining treehouse camps in the Dannenröder forest on Thursday.

Trees are being felled in the forest for the further construction of Autobahn 49 in Central Hesse. To prevent this, the activists had occupied the forest for more than a year. Thursday morning, however, there were only trees at a distance of about 100 meters on the future route, a police spokesman said.

During the clean-up work, people put themselves at risk again – “at high altitudes on or between trees,” police said via Twitter. In the morning, the agents had also removed a steel cable that had been stretched across Bundesstraße 62 for weeks and that activists had used for their protest.

In total, trees in the Dannenröderbos near Homberg / Ohm had to be felled on a 27 hectare site for the transport project. Since November 10, the police have gradually cleared the forest to secure the work. This was also preceded by clearings in the Herrenwald near Stadtallendorf and in the Maulbacher Wald, also located near Homberg / Ohm.

After completion, the A49 will connect Kassel and Gießen more directly. Given the climate crisis, environmental and climate protection activists view the project as a failure and advocate for an eco-friendly turnaround in transportation. Proponents expect less traffic and noise nuisance in the surrounding villages and better road connections for commuters and companies.


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