The last scene of “Pôr do Sol” that leads us to believe that a sequel can come

Is there a sequel to “Pôr do Sol”?

The end of episode 16 of RTP1’s mini-soap could suggest that the story really continues.

Simon may not be dead.

“Pôr do Sol”, the mini soap opera from RTP1, ended this Friday, September 3rd. The results achieved and all the enthusiasm that grew around the production could be taken for granted, but nothing has been confirmed so far. Still, the final scene may indicate that the story will indeed have a sequel.

If you haven’t seen it yet and want to keep the tension going until the end, it is best not to read the article here as there will be spoilers. The 16th episode, the last of “Pôr do Sol”, gives us a series of conclusions and closings of the cycles that we have followed. There are marriages, revelations and lies that are undone, very typical of a traditional Portuguese television soap opera, but here in the style of Henrique Dias, Manuel Pureza and Rui Melo, the people responsible for the idea of ​​this production.

Simão Bourbon de Linhaça, played by Rui Melo, is one of the baddies in the act. During the episodes, he is the head of several homicide squads that take place on the Pôr do Sol estate, owned by his family and his brother Eduardo Bourbon de Linhaça, the character of the actor Marco Delgado.

While Simão ends up searching the stable for the São Cajó necklace, an heirloom that has been in the family for over 3,500 years, he is surprised by his brother Eduardo, who reveals his true identity after undergoing plastic surgery in Brazil . Realizing that his brother was not dead as he thought and had paid for the service, he pointed a gun at Eduardo to finally have control of the property and the family fortune.

Episode. ️

Posted by Guilherme Fernandes on Friday 3rd Sep 2021

In the end, he is surprised by the caretaker António Paulino (Manuel Cavaco), who kills him with a series of shots in the trunk. Everything indicated that Simon was dead and that all ends of “Pôr do Sol” were closed. However, the last scene is in the morgue where Simão is resurrected. He looks well coiffed as always, with a scar on his chest, a result of one of the bullets, and with a glass of whiskey in hand, which shapes the character from start to finish.

“Pôr do Sol” ends exactly with Simão waking up and breaking his glass with his hand, a scene he uses in all episodes of the telenovela when he is trying to assert authority or preparing for another of his plans. That way, Simon did not die and the story is not closed. It may convey the idea of ​​continuity, but nothing has been confirmed. As Jesus sang Quisto, the soap opera band, this could be a “Forevers and Evers”.

If you’re a soap opera fan, you know NiT has a vote on the best character. Henrique Dias, the screenwriter, also revealed the best sentences and jokes from “Pôr do Sol”. Click on the gallery to see it.

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