The last “Principle, Middle and End” had zombies, lots of alcohol and a fake Sara Sampaio


The last “Principle, Middle and End” had zombies, lots of alcohol and a fake Sara Sampaio

Bruno Nogueira and Company’s program at SIC ended six episodes later.

It was the sixth and final episode.

The producer Sandra Faria and the director Cristiana Miranda had promised “totally insane” for the last episode of “Principle, Middle and End”. It hit the screens that Sunday May 16 and we weren’t disappointed with the description. Bruno Nogueira and Company’s program at SIC ended with a greenish zombie apocalypse.

The “beginning” began in an unusual way, as production saved the challenge of regularly making black vodka recordings for screenwriters for this final chapter. In total, Bruno Nogueira, Nuno Markl, Filipe Melo and Salvador Martinha drank about ten shots (each) in those two hours while they were writing the script.

In a scene that seemed to come from Thomas Vinterberg’s “Another Round”, blood alcohol could be felt in the dynamic between the four members. In a fun and relaxed manner, they created a script that led the protagonists to eat only Sintra’s Queijadas during dinner. but also – very briefly – to ask what they had done, what was relevant to life.

However, the narrative quickly turned to this zombie apocalypse. Luís Henrique (who else?) Revealed that he was bitten by a juggler at a traffic light after failing to give him coins, which clearly infected him with erratic behaviors and then with a great desire to bite others. By the way, let’s say it’s surprising how Bruno Nogueira disappears into Luís Henrique – we never consider the character as a screenwriter who is minutes before the narrative is written.

The funny thing is that all night of the undead is pretty inconvenient because Stone wants to introduce his new girlfriend to the group of friends. He’s shy and scared that they might be boring or uncomfortable, but I could never expect them to become zombies that night.

Stone is doubly concerned because his new girlfriend is no ordinary mortal – she’s a famous woman who thinks they always make fun of her: she’s the model Sara Sampaio. Just, probably due to incompatible schedules, Sara Sampaio couldn’t show up to make herself.

The Princípio, Meio e Fim team was looking for actress Isabela Valadeiro, who also resembles Sara Sampaio, which must have confused many viewers – and some may even have finished the program without realizing it. It was another surreal and delicious detail that was only made possible by the surprising participation of Dr. José Carlos Pereira, who sang the congratulations in the second episode, was surpassed.

The technical team also appeared in front of the cameras to celebrate: First, at the “beginning” when they danced “Macarena”, as a final distraction for the four drunken scriptwriters; later, when forced to save themselves and leave Paulo’s house, they went through the mocked versions of the protagonists.

Fortunately, Xica had been caught and it was enough to distract Maria João, Luís Henrique and Paulo. Stone and Sara Sampaio escaped unscathed, although it doesn’t seem strange that they would develop some sort of post-traumatic stress after the experience. We’re assuming the audience would love to do it again – we’re sure a second season will be welcomed by viewers.

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