the last movie just got into the Guinness Book, here’s why


While the latest James Bond 007: Dying Can Wait movie was released a few months ago, marking the end of the Daniel Craig era as a super spy, we recently revealed to you why the identity of the next actor to play James Bond can’t be a woman being. But if the main character remains and remains a man, then the finals of the films become more and more impressive and even break records.

an explosive franchise

While most films claim to have an explosive finale, the newest James Bond literally has a moment like this. And this scene is all the more important as the final scene of 007’s 25th film has just broken a world record and has thus been entered in the Guinness Book of Guinness World Records.

Many details have been given on this great moment on the James Bond franchise’s official YouTube channel as well as on their Twitter, the final greeting to mark the end of this era. In a video, Special Effects Director Chris Corbould explains how this new record was created:

While we were setting up the explosives, one of the guys from Event Horizon, the explosives company, came up to me and said, “Oh, Chris, do you know there’s another Guinness Book of Records award?” I thought we could have done it with the movie Specter, but apparently there was another one for “most explosives in one fell swoop”. The record was 65 kilograms of explosives in a single shot. We had almost 140 for that.

As Corbould mentions in the video, they had already won the record in 2015 with 007 Specter for the largest explosion ever made for a movie, which required more than 8,000 liters of gasoline and 33 kg of explosives. But with Die Can Wait, Corbould and his team now hold the record for the most explosives used in a single scene after using almost double the previous record.

a rising trend?

During an interview with CinemaBlend, Corbould was asked about the possible longevity of this new record. Corbould, who has worked in the special effects division for the James Bond franchise since The Spy Who Loved Me (1977), mentioned that this first record for Specter wasn’t hit until after the producers started posing the pictures .

It’s more of a production initiative. For Specter, they came to me and said, “Is that a big blast?” Of course I said “yes” and they said, “Is this the greatest thing you’ve ever done?” I said, “Um, I think it is likely,” which led her to go into the Guinness Book of Records. Production really took care of it.

NO TIME TO DIE holds a new Guinness World Records title for most explosives detonated in a single film shot. 136.4 kg of TNT equivalent was used in the stunt filmed on March 8, 2019 as part of the climatic finale of Bond’s 25th mission in Salisbury Plain, England.

January 9, 2022

THE CAN WAIT has a new title in the Guinness Book of Records for most explosives used in a shot. 136.4 kg of TNT was used during the stunt filmed on March 8, 2019 in Salisbury Plain, England as part of the finale of Bond’s 25th mission.

The point is, two back-to-back James Bond films now boast explosive records. The pressure for the 26th movie in the 007 saga could come from franchise producers Barbara Broccoli and Michael G. Wilson as they decide to play the next James Bond. However, it can be assumed that at some point in the planning of this next film the new world record will be mentioned, which could be broken. The future will tell us if Corbould will go so far as to break his own record or if someone else will beat him first.