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The Kingpin may disappoint you in the rest of the MCU

The return of the kingpin in a Marvel production has given you the chills, according to your reactions on Twitter. But alas, the villain we met in Daredevil let you down in the end. Why ? Simply because the character has returned in the Hawkeye series with a little less bite and above all a lot less violence than before…

A Caïd not up to the task

In the Daredevil series, actor Vincent D’Onofrio brilliantly embodied the character of the Kingpin, who is both brutal and prone to torture. However, it’s another image of the gangster that was shown to us when he was introduced to the MCU.

Upon arriving in Hawkeye, the Kingpin appeared in a heavily toned down version of what he was in Daredevil. On the one hand, the godfather of the “gang of Survêtements” did not succeed in defeating Kate Bishop, but above all he turned out to be very harmless to the apprentice-heroine.

Actor Vincent D’Onofrio knows his character has disappointed MCU fans. The Caïd was clearly not up to it. Wilson Fisk, his real name, lacked what Daredevil was all about, a more radical and slightly violent personality.

Not intense enough for the fans taste

In a recent interview, the Caïd interpreter spoke about his character’s lack of brutality. He explained that the decision to make Wilson Fisk less violent wasn’t a bad decision on the part of Disney and Marvel.

I think the difference in tone is obvious. It’s less gory. We’ve talked about it a lot internally and it’s not a problem for me. Because if I ever get a chance to continue in the MCU, I’m going to do the same work that I did on Daredevil, just like I did on Hawkeye. Fisk is into emotional abuse and just easy going. He’s a broken monster and he can do many different kinds of violence to us. So with Hawkeye, I don’t mind.

It seems like there’s no more room in the MCU for Wilson Fisk’s torture scenes if he ever shows up there again. As a reminder, the ending of the Hawkeye series sees Maya Lopez shooting the Kingpin point-blank to avenge her father’s death.

If this scene doesn’t appear as such on screen, it at least suggests it does. In Echo (the next Marvel series starring Maya Lopez), will we see the big bad again like some people think? Or will Marvel decide to let the character fall into oblivion? Only time will tell… In the meantime, find out what Vincent D’Onofrio has planned for his character in the future.


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