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The interchangeable panels are back … to another retailer who isn’t afraid of Sony

Remember, a while back we told you about a manufacturer of interchangeable panels for the PS5 who finally decided to give up the idea of ​​the product after threats from Sony. Today this product is back and is being discussed again with the introduction of this accessory to change the color of the new console from the Japanese company. And the company behind this project believes it will not give up and that it is within its rights to offer the accessories.

An accessory that annoyed Sony

In fact, Custom Plates LTD had decided to bring different colored plates to the market to equip the PS5, which is only available in one color. The product had piqued gamers’ interest, but Sony had brought its lawyers into the ring to keep the accessory off the shelves. Finally, the manufacturer threw in the towel before starting the idea of ​​offering a crowdfunding campaign to have the opportunity to start its marketing.

Today, it’s another store that specializes in these types of products, Game Armor, which, as reported by the VGC website, is offering pre-orders for a set of interchangeable plates for the PS5 for $ 35. And unlike the previous manufacturer, Game Armor believes Sony shouldn’t let go of its lawyers because even if the product is essentially the same as Custom Plates LTD’s, there are some differences, especially in legal terms.

Sony can’t fault anything this time

As the founder of the company, a certain CptnAlex explains on YouTube: “Our name is not deceptively close to a registered trademark” and the product “does not contain a registered logo”. In addition, he believes that there is no risk in marketing these panels because “the armor has been designed not to infringe design patents”.

As he recalls, the Custom Plates LTD’s plates were marked with the PlayStation logo, and their name, PlateStation, was clearly placed near the Sony machine. And for these reasons in part, the Japanese company decided to attack.

A priori, Sony has not yet responded, but the manager of the online shop wants to be confident. The products are always presented in different colors (black, red and blue) on the website. It also seems that the success of these accessories cannot be denied as all items are out of stock at the time of this writing.


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