The information all fans have been waiting for has finally been revealed


The Umbrella Academy has gained a large number of international fans in just two seasons, so we’re betting that the series will be extended for a third season. However, Netflix had not confirmed anything about the fate of the series, so over time fans began to worry: would the platform put Five in the closet?

Theories about the Umbrella Academy

Be careful, if you have not seen The Umbrella Academy Season Two, we recommend that you skip this subsection and go straight to the “The Umbrella Academy Season Three” section to avoid getting caught. Spoiler.

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The end of the Umbrella Academy’s second season teased the arrival of the Sparrow Academy, and the least we could do was really want to see the scene where the two academies come to blows (and powers). We couldn’t wait to discover season three, which Grace and Pogo promised to be very different and which Harlan would surely star in.

Despite our many theories about the coming season, Netflix hadn’t spoken on the subject. We then had great doubts: Would the famous streaming platform decide not to extend the series for a third season, as it had done in the past with Dark Crystal, Ozark or even Daredevil?

The third season of the Umbrella Academy

Netflix decided to put an end to this excruciating tension by revealing on Twitter that season three would see the light of day, and more:

With time travel, you never know where you will end up. The third season of the Umbrella Academy is on the way!

November 10, 2020

With time travel, you never know where you will end up. The third season of the Umbrella Academy is on the way!

Netflix therefore gave us, dear Umbrella Academy fans, a present more than a month before Christmas by confirming that the Umbrella Academy will be extended for a third season and that the latter will be made by Erze and already on the way. Now we are sure that we will soon learn more about the Sparrow Academy, but also about the secrets that continue to surround the birth of the 43 infants with legendary powers.