the impressive numbers of the 2020 edition!

From October 16 to 18, 2020, the fifth edition of the Z-Event took place, the charity marathon that was brought together around ZeratoR and Dach. Organized this time in support of Amnesty International, the Z Event 2020 was a real success as it broke the record for 2019.

54 streamers

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No less than 54 streamers gathered during this marathon, which lasted 55 hours. Pandemic requires that the streamers were all masked and had to be tested before participating in the Z-Event. In view of the exceptional situation, the organizers have agreed to allow the advertised streamers, who cannot be on site, to participate in the event remotely.

2,500,000 cumulative visitors

What would the Z Event be without the visitors? Not much. The 2020 edition gathered 2.60,000 visitors on October 18 at 9:21 p.m. with an average of 243,989 visitors and a top audience of 660,796 viewers.

€ 5,724,377 collected

The 2020 edition of the Z-Event raised Amnesty International 5,724,377 euros, an average of 104,079 euros per hour. An extraordinary sum with which this fifth edition was able to surpass the record for the Z Event 2019, already a world record for the non-profit marathon on Twitch with 3,509,878 euros collected.

345,949 donations

In order to achieve such an extraordinary amount, the organizers of the Z-Event could rely on the donors, who made no less than 345,949 donations with an average of 10.23 euros. Many thanks to the donors!

120,528 T-shirts sold

The Z Store 2020 Special Store was also in full swing, with 120,528 t-shirts sold and 5,603 albums sold.

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