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The Hulk’s real superpower is not his strength, but his [SPOILER]

France has been redefined for a few weeks now. An unusual situation that forces many employees to rely on teleworking. And unfortunately, for some, their home’s computer security can be poor. A VPN increases security. Fortunately, PureVPN is offering 88% off its Black Friday subscription.

-88% discount at PureVPN

With the arrival of Black Friday, PureVPN is lowering its prices. His subscription costs € 1.18 per month instead of € 9.60. Or € 71 instead of € 576 thanks to the 88% reduction in the 5-year plan. In addition, you can benefit from -10% on your subscription with the code “codepromo10”. A godsend for those looking for a powerful and affordable VPN. A subscription that allows you to take advantage of a VPN without having to worry about changing stables with a multi-year subscription. All you have to do is incorporate the use of a VPN into your daily life to instantly secure your internet connection.

PureVPN is also playing the novelty card with a modernized app. PureVPN subscribers can use over 6,500 servers in over 140 countries, 24-hour customer service and even the option to link one account to 10 devices. A 10 Gigabit VPN network that uses physical servers and gives you access to the geolocated catalog of streaming platforms.

When you connect to a server in the United States, you can access the Netflix and Disney + catalogs from a local server. Amazon Prime Video, BBC iPlayer UK, it’s up to you to browse the catalogs of the many streaming platforms available to discover all sorts of content. Unfortunately, the French catalog available to subscribers in France is limited. You can get around this limitation with a VPN.

In addition, bypassing the country restriction allows access to promotions from other regions. Steam and / or PSN sales, plane tickets, Black Friday, the choice is yours. It should be noted that a VPN can also protect you if you want to access public WiFi. Whether you are in an airport or a hotel abroad, you can enjoy the security of a VPN while enjoying the freedom of public WiFi.

A VPN has several functions. The first is nothing more than anonymity on the web. Your IP address is hidden, as is your internet history, and advertisers cannot track you down or collect your data. Plus, if you’re a P2P fan, you can send or receive files completely anonymously. A VPN that is available on Windows and Mac, but also on Android and iOS with new functions.

A VPN opens up the possibilities, it is up to you to enjoy that safe freedom as you see fit. And thanks to Black Friday, the 5-year subscription to PureVPN is -88%. A monthly subscription at a price of € 1.18 per month instead of € 9.60. If you were still hesitant to take the plunge, this offer might convince you.


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