The horror film by the Distric 9 director is destroyed by critics

Thanks to District 9, director Neill Blomkamp was offered the gates of Hollywood. Unfortunately, the South African and Canadian filmmaker with Elysium and Chappie was left in the lurch by audiences and critics. So much so that he was forced to move outside the system of American studios and through his production company and fundraising drives to produce short films for Steam that were heralded as promising.

A promising film that has been icily received by the press

In the meantime, Covid and detention were there and that time has allowed Blomkamp to focus on writing and directing a new feature film. A production called Demonic, due to be released in the United States on August 20th.

A film that promises promising … At least until the first reviews fall! In fact, Demonic features a young woman who will be able to penetrate the mind of her comatose mother and who will be convicted of murder using a new technology.

It is true that the synopsis has it all on paper. Especially since the film was announced as a horror production that can mix several genres.

Criticism shoots the film and its director

Apart from the fact that, according to the British press, Neill Blomkamp did not make his cinematographic comeback. In fact, as SlashFilm notes, Demonic is “one of the newest horror-free films.” Same opinion for The Playlist, stating that the filmmaker “crafted a horror film in such a way that it becomes difficult to be afraid”.

We’re not really more tender on Collider’s side. While the film builds on its director’s success with District 9 a decade ago, Demonic is “the slimmest, most awkward horror film of recent times.”

Aside from the fact that Demonic was touted as a horror film and it isn’t, critics believe Blomkamp would have been better off doing business again in the science fiction world. It is the opinion of The Film Stage that betrays the director by claiming that he “does not have the same imagination to represent the inner world as he uses it to describe the outside world”. For AVClub, the new film from the director of District 9 is unfortunately “not up to the narrative aspect”, despite the “particularly impressive digital sleight of hand” that Blomkamp has at his disposal. Finally, the Metacritic site rates the film 37/100 …

I’m not sure if the critics of the press through the channel can help the director get back to classic cinema. Perhaps the public will have a different opinion. Hopefully this movie doesn’t undermine the chances of seeing the District 9 sequel … We’ll have to wait for the movie to be released to be sure. On our site in France, Demonic will be available on DVD / Blu-Ray and VOD on September 20th.

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