The head of the government of Albania is fighting for the third term | Free press


Politically, Albania is deeply divided, corruption and poverty make life difficult for citizens. Now Prime Minister Rama, accused by the opposition of electoral fraud, is fighting for a third term.

Tirana (AP) – Parliamentary elections have started in Albania. About 3.6 million citizens are called to vote. Prime Minister Edi Rama’s Socialist Party (PS) leads the way in opinion polls.

After nearly eight years in power, he is looking for a third term in a row. The small Balkan country is deeply divided politically, the warring camps deny each other’s right to exist. The National Conservative Democratic Party (PD) accuses Rama of electoral fraud and corruption. Together with the smaller Socialist Movement for Integration (LSI), it has boycotted parliament for over two years.

The opposition, which also boycotted the local elections in 2019, is back in these elections. Albania was a Stalinist dictatorship until the early 1990s. Since then, the country has fundamentally changed, pluralistic conditions and market economic conditions have arisen. In 2009 it became a member of NATO. Last year, the Heads of State or Government gave the Union the green light to start accession negotiations with the EU.

At the same time, inefficient administration, corruption and high levels of emigration make life difficult for citizens. Prime Minister Rama, who repeatedly promises improvements, tends to adopt an authoritarian style of government. Neither his socialists nor the opposition parties submitted election manifestos.

The polling stations close at 7 p.m. The results of the polls are then published. The first official results should be available overnight.

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