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The HBO series will stand out from the games on this big point

HBO’s The Last of Us series has been featured several times in recent months. Pictures, alleged release date, details, the news surrounding the series are quite rich. And in early February, The Last of Us series returns to the scene with the release of a major change from the games.

a timeline change

Fans of both the small and big screens know it, video game adaptations struggle to display impeccable quality. While the latest adaptations are on the right track, thanks in particular to good ideas from Mortal Kombat and Detective Pikachu, most fail to impress. However, given the popularity of certain franchises, Hollywood stuck to its idea of ‚Äč‚Äčadapting big names in video games. With Uncharted, Halo and soon The Last of Us, production companies are stepping in with ever larger budgets.

Adaptations more or less faithful to the original, aimed at turning a video game license into a real multimedia saga. And while The Last of Us series should offer us more to discover after a first trailer, the HBO series stands out from video games with a major script change. In the video games, Joel and Ellie roam a post-apocalyptic universe as a pandemic caused by a fungus, Cordyceps, takes control of poor human hosts. The first cases appeared in 2013 and led to a meteoric pandemic.

The movie posters and set pieces from the show confirm this.

(Source: u/hagilles) pic.twitter.com/LnKUMw5VNW

February 2, 2022

As explained in the tweet above, the starting year of the pandemic changes with the series The Last of Us. So the setbacks of Joel and Ellie would no longer start in 2013, but in 2003 of Naughty Dog, which should have no consequences. The reasons for this change were not given, even if a connection with the corona pandemic, which has been paralyzing the earth since the end of 2019, is likely. Nevertheless, changes in the chronology can change the work process. To have the heart web, you have to wait to learn more. Respond with a possible trailer and release date in the coming weeks.


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