The HBO series actors encrusted in-game by a videographer are impressive

While HBO is not lifting the veil in the series The Last of Us, a videographer who specializes in deepfake has just encrusted the series’ actors in the game Naughty Dog to achieve an impressive result.

An impressive deepfake

Of all the series the legendary HBO channel is preparing, The Last Of Us is one of the ones we’re looking forward to the most. First of all, it’s a series that adapts one of the most famous video game licenses of the past ten years. The series will then be directed by Craig Mazin, whose work on the extraordinary miniseries Chernobyl, which was released on HBO in 2019, has already made him one of the most talented showrunners of his time.

The announcement of the casting of the series in early February only increased the fans’ impatience. In fact, two Game of Thrones actors have been chosen to play Joel and Ellie: Pedro Pascal, now in Din Djarin costume on Disney + The Mandalorian, and Bella Ramsay, who we recently featured in Season 2 of His found Dark Materials, the HBO and BBC adaptation of Philip Pullman’s fantasy trilogy.

As if to pay tribute to the duo of actors chosen for the main characters, deepfake videographer Strider HD had fun embedding Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey in the game. We let you assess the result:

This video shows that the actor duo chosen by the production is an excellent choice. If you want to check out more awesome deepfakes made by Strider HD, here are some!

Willem Dafoe as a joker

Sebastian Stan as Luke Skywalker

Henry Cavill in James Bond

Bryan Cranston as Lex Luthor

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