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“The groom is who knows”: There were more speeches than at the PCP Congress

“The groom is who knows”: There were more speeches than at the PCP Congress

The humorist and chronicler Miguel Lambertini analyzes the latest episode of the SIC program.

There was more saga of the triple marriage.

written by: Pedro Filipe Pina & nbsp

This Sunday the saga of the triple marriage was continued in “O noivo é que saber” at SIC. Unfortunately, contrary to what I had foreseen, neither Manu nor Luís succeeded in escaping. And so, after an uncomfortable wait, the three brides finally saw their future husbands arrive, each in his own place.

First a Ford Mustang appeared at the entrance, which fascinated the guests. Would it be the bridal couple? Was it the boy from the soap opera “Quer o Destino” who likes to go to weddings and starts shooting? Grandmother Primavera suspects: “It depends on steam”. I’m not sure what the expression means, but Dona Primavera, mother and grandmother of the brides, can say what she wants because she is a sweetheart and, for example, the queen of the night, but I’ll be there soon.

A few seconds later we see a white Hummer jeep approaching us, which is also at the entrance of the tent. With Mustang and Hummer positioned in V, there was a high probability that this was the start of a video clip of rapper Piruka. But no, because the best was yet to come. Manu appears like a true prince mounted on a horse, who is received by those present in apotheosis.

High performance cars are very funny, yes sir, but nothing like a man on horseback when it comes to impressing an audience. I know because I often go to the Vasco da Gama bridge on horseback to stab myself with the tuning guys and I can see the surprise on their faces. But it is natural not to see a horse lowered with alloy horseshoes every day. Study.

After this nice surprise, the ceremony began and with it a flood of speeches. There were more speeches at the wedding this weekend than at the PCP Congress. First it was the celebrant who came full of things to say, then it was Fernanda who wanted to thank Fernando, the sons-in-law, the daughters, the sister, the girl from the clothes shop, SIC, the catering man and the cat I was on Entrance to the farm, to Deus, to the Pinto da Costa (not necessarily in that order) and so on.

Later each of the daughters spoke, and when we thought there was nothing more to say, Pumbaa, Grandma Primavera gets up and gives a speech! You are very fond of talking in this family, I imagine how Consoada will be at home: you plan to have dinner for nine in the morning to give everyone time to talk and to eat cod at eight in the evening.

For dessert and when diners thought they could finally have their cheesecake in peace without listening to people blowing into microphones to confirm it was on, the brides thought it would be a good idea to stop again speak. This time it was not just a speech, but also a misses competition to choose the best groom of the night. There weren’t many options, but Fernanda, Ana, and Paula explained at the same time why your fiancé is the best, giving each of them a ribbon and a diploma. Of course Fernando didn’t want to be left behind, especially now that he had a straw, and took the opportunity to give a speech.

Luckily, the production rounded up the essentials that basically offered the brides a pair of sneakers – or sneakers in this case – so they could enjoy the rest of the party without having two mountain cheeses in place of feet. Mother and daughters thanked the gesture and returned with another four-hour speech. Lies, this time they have decided to do a beautiful line dance choreography to the sound of “Jerusalema”, the musical hit of this year, along with the meme of African men carrying a coffin.

Whoever couldn’t stand this excitement and had to join the party was of course the queen of the night, D. Primavera. Grandmother jumped on the dance floor, shook her hips (then replaced them), showing the fiber that women in the north are made of. It was only because of this vitality and youthful spirit that he deserved to have received a banner and a diploma, or at least a speech. Can I start: “fffff, is it your turn?”


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