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The Gilded Age: The new period drama from the creators of Downton Abbey

The Gilded Age: The new period drama from the creators of Downton Abbey

This time follows the story of the American elite. It premieres on HBO Portugal and has nine episodes.

2010 saw the premiere of Downton Abbey, a series set in early 20th-century England that would become a global phenomenon. It ran for six seasons, won numerous awards, and even spawned movie sequels. The second film in the saga opens in Portuguese cinemas on March 17th.

Around 2012, series creator Julian Fellowes began thinking about a possible prequel set a few decades earlier. The idea lay dormant for several years, transformed and also lost momentum when Downton Abbey ended with less luster than when it started.

Still, the idea of ​​creating a series based on America’s “Gilded Age” – the golden age of the USA that coincided with the French Belle Époque and the Victorian period in Britain – remained. Ten years after the original idea, the result is finally reaching fans: The Gilded Age premieres this Tuesday, January 25 on HBO Portugal.

In Downton Abbey, the narrative was divided by social class. The aristocratic Crawley family upstairs, the humble (and loyal) servants downstairs in the mansion. In this new series, too, there are masters and servants, but the major trouble spots between the traditionally rich and the nouveau riche.

The Gilded Age, which corresponds to the last decades of the 19th century, was a time of tremendous economic change in the United States. There were areas of society that suddenly became ultra-profitable, also with the help of workers who had migrated from Europe, and others that became decadent. This transformed American social and economic elites.

This story begins in 1882 when young Marian Brook moves from rural Pennsylvania to New York City. The reason she moves in with her wealthy aunts Agnes van Rhijn and Ada Brook is her father’s death.

Marian travels with Peggy Scott, an aspiring writer looking for a new life, and suddenly finds herself caught up in a social war. On one side is one of the aunts, heir to an enormous fortune. On the other side are their newly arrived neighbors George and Bertha Russell. He is a ruthless tycoon of the railway world. She is your ambitious wife. The two will try to ingratiate themselves with the established elites. Right in the middle is Marian, who has to find her own way.

The cast of “The Gilded Age” includes names such as Louisa Jacobson, Cynthia Nixon, Carrie Coon, Morgan Spector, Christine Baranski, Taissa Farmiga and Michael Cerveris. The production was written by Sonja Warfield alongside Julian Fellowes. Michael Engler and Salli Richardson-Whitfield will direct the nine episodes.

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