The Gezi process is being rolled out again | Free press

Nearly eight years after the Gezi protests in Turkey, which criticized the government, a court reopened a controversial case over the events. The defendants had previously been acquitted.

Istanbul (dpa) – In Istanbul, the renegotiation of the so-called Gezi process has begun with a large crowd of media representatives and observers.

Culture sponsor Osman Kavala, who was accused along with 15 other people, criticized the trial as politically motivated from the start, a DPA reporter reported. Lawyers and other defendants called for the renegotiation decision to be quashed.

The 16 defendants, including human rights activists, lawyers, cultural workers and architects, are accused, among other things, of attempting to overthrow the government in 2013 in connection with the largely peaceful protests that criticized the government. Kavala and eight other defendants were initially acquitted in February 2020. However, an appeals court overturned the verdict in late January and ruled that the case should be reopened. The proceedings also include the cases of nine suspects who are abroad. Among them is the journalist Can Dündar.

Kavala has been detained since November 2017. He was immediately re-arrested after being acquitted in the Gezi trial on charges of the 2016 coup attempt. The procedure was integrated into the trial now underway, something lawyers and observers strongly criticize. The other eight defendants are not allowed to leave the country.

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