The Gathering cards in Commander of 2022

Among the finest components in regards to the Magic: The Gathering Commander format is that almost any card is highly effective. In the correct deck, even bizarre playing cards like Dovescape could possibly be a whole game-breaker. Nonetheless, a number of the playing cards obtainable this 12 months have been considerably stronger than others. On prime of that, some had the potential to warp a number of codecs.

I appeared by way of a few of my favourite playing cards within the Commander meta of Magic: The Gathering and what was happening across the web. Whereas each Magic participant’s opinions and decks might be completely different, these playing cards normally dominated the sport and can seemingly proceed to take action into 2023.

What have been probably the most impactful Magic: The Gathering playing cards in Commander?

5) Farewell

Farewell in Magic: The Gathering (Image via Wizards of the Coast)
Farewell in Magic: The Gathering (Picture through Wizards of the Coast)

Whereas sure, Farewell is a little bit on the expensive facet, particularly for a boardwipe card, it’s simply the most effective boardwipe in all of Commander. With regards to Magic: The Gathering, accessing playing cards that clear the sphere of battle is essential.

However Farewell is nice, as a result of it provides you decisions. Once you forged this spell, you’ll be able to select a number of of the next, and all those in play get exiled.

  • Artifacts
  • Creatures
  • Enchantments
  • Graveyards

Is your opponent operating an annoying, enchantment-heavy jail deck? Perhaps they’re all about their obnoxious graveyard retrieval. Regardless of the risk, you’ll be able to exile it from the sport. If you’re operating all artifacts, however no one else is, you’ll be able to take away all non-artifacts from play and have an unstoppable drive to stomp out others.

Positive, you might need to exile a few of your personal playing cards too, but when different gamers decelerate or stall utterly, that’s only a small worth to pay.

4) Black Market Connections

Black Market Connections in Magic: The Gathering (Image via Wizards of the Coast)
Black Market Connections in Magic: The Gathering (Picture through Wizards of the Coast)

Every time I run a Black deck, I’m going to ensure I’ve loads of methods to get life again. This is because of playing cards like Black Market Connections. This beautiful 3-drop Enchantment has a trio of helpful talents you can activate at the price of your life factors. Throughout the pre-combat section, you choose a capability, set off its impact, and lose that a lot life.

  • Promote Contraband: Create a treasure token. Lose 1 life.
  • Purchase Data: Draw a card. Lose 2 life.
  • Rent a Mercenary: Create a 3 energy, 2 toughness colorless Shapeshifter creature with Changeling. Lose 3 life. (Changelings have all creature varieties)


It doesn’t matter what it is advisable to get a bonus on the board, it’s seemingly that this Magic: The Gathering card will present it for you. You possibly can even select a number of of those talents at every flip.

3) Defiler of Vigor

Defiler of Vigor in Magic: The Gathering (Image via Wizards of the Coast)
Defiler of Vigor in Magic: The Gathering (Picture through Wizards of the Coast)

The Defiler of Vigor seldom leaves one’s reminiscence. There’s one thing particular and satisfying a few Commander deck constructed round obnoxious, large, inexperienced creatures.

This creature, with its 6 energy, 6 toughness, and trample, additionally enables you to pay 2 life when casting a inexperienced everlasting. Immediately, these permanents value much less. Nonetheless, this doesn’t change the quantity of colorless you play.

You don’t should pay that 2 life, although. Since Inexperienced Magic: The Gathering decks can even simply ramp up their life totals, it’s not an enormous deal. It’s nice to play a bunch of 1-drop elves for no mana after which get your life again.

Nonetheless, that’s not what makes this card scary. Once you play this Magic: The Gathering creature, anytime you forged a inexperienced everlasting spell, your entire creatures acquire +1/+1.

This can make any creature-heavy deck a risk. I’d like to see it in a Bolas’s Citadel deck, crammed with low-cost inexperienced creatures. The board state will shortly spiral uncontrolled as you develop in energy.

2) Ledger Shredder

Ledger Shredder in Magic: The Gathering (Image via Wizards of the Coast)
Ledger Shredder in Magic: The Gathering (Picture through Wizards of the Coast)

When Ledger Shredder was first teased, I wasn’t positive that it might be such a beast. Nonetheless, it’s an incredible card. It’s a 1 energy and three toughness flyer at a discount – 2 mana. Nonetheless, each time a participant casts their second spell at every flip, Ledger Shredder connives.

Connive is a capability that has you draw a card after which discard one. In the event you discarded a nonland, this creature positive aspects a +1/+1 counter. Because it says gamers as a substitute of you, it may possibly shortly spiral uncontrolled.

Many decks acquire benefits from using this. Reanimator decks love having a continuing technique to pitch highly effective creatures to the graveyard, for instance.


To not point out how typically individuals counterspell in Commander video games. All of those gamers should take into account if it’s value making you stronger at the price of countering others. The extra gamers within the sport, the stronger Ledger Shredder is.

The Worth Hen is nothing to sneeze at. Ledger Shredder is a card that brings superb worth to your entire video games, and there’s hardly ever a nasty time to play it.

1) Boseiju, Who Endures

Boseju, Who Endures in Magic: The Gathering (Image via Wizards of the Coast)
Boseju, Who Endures in Magic: The Gathering (Picture through Wizards of the Coast)

Many speak about how nice the Kamigawa Channel lands are, and I are likely to agree. Boseiju, Who Endures, is an absolute beast. These playing cards, no matter format, are usually must-own belongings. Nonetheless, the inexperienced Legendary Land is arguably the most effective.

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You possibly can select to pay 1 inexperienced mana and discard it out of your hand, to destroy an artifact, enchantment, or nonbasic land an opponent controls. Positive, they get land with a fundamental land typing, however you’re deleting one in all their strongest playing cards in alternate. It could actually additionally value 1 inexperienced mana when you have at the least one legendary creature.


What makes Boseiju, Who Endures superb in Commander – or any format – is its reactive capacity. Solely a handful of playing cards can cease the flexibility when you’ve triggered it, so your opponent doesn’t get to react on most events.

For that reason, it’s a risk, it doesn’t matter what you do. Moreover, there are methods to drag it again to your hand or to place it in play from the grave. Due to this fact, it’s by no means gone eternally.

Loads of Magic: The Gathering playing cards virtually made this checklist, however I needed to focus on a couple of of my absolute favorites. These playing cards have been extremely robust for one purpose or one other and have been a precious asset to any Commander deck they share a coloration with.

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