The funny trailer for the sequel to Episode IX is here (video)

A year after the release of Star Wars IX: The Rise of Skywalker, Disney brings us new adventures for Rey, Poe, Finn, Kylo Ren and the others. In a few days you can discover a new Star Wars Holiday Special on Disney +.

Back to the Future

We told you about it last August, Lucasfilm and Disney are going to give us a new Star Wars Holiday Special for Christmas. Goodbye, the forgotten ’70s TV movie, this is about a LEGO movie. In this unprecedented parody adventure, Rey is sent back in time and will rediscover all of the great events of the Star Wars saga.

From the Phantom Menace to the Return of the Jedi, our heroine will meet and interact with the actors of the past through The Mandalorian. She will be able to meet Darth Vader, Luke in his youth, and even baby Yoda. The heroine then has to find a way to return to the future to celebrate Christmas with her friends. A funny film in Back to the Future mode, the trailer of which we now invite you to discover.

As with all LEGO films, this Star Wars: Happy Holidays film will retrace the story of the saga with a lot of humor and ridicule. This new movie will be available on Disney + on November 17th.

Are you going to check out this LEGO Star Wars: Happy Holidays? Take the survey and give your opinion in the comments.

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