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The Funko Pop figures of your childhood heroes are here

You loved her in cartoons, you will love her in characters. In fact, the manufacturer Funko has launched a new collection of Funko Pop! focused on the heroes of the Cartoon Network channel.

the iconic cartoons of your childhood

Dexter’s Laboratory, The Powerpuff Girls, Cléo and Chico, Johnny Bravo… So many cult cartoons that amazed our childhood and that come from a single channel: Cartoon Network, created after Warner acquired Hanna-Barbera Productions Bros. The iconic characters from these cartoons are back in force in a new collection of Funko Pop! figurines that evoke the smell and taste of the Chocapic that accompanied the morning cartoons on France 3.

Figure Funko Pop Dexter – Cartoon Network No. 1067

A true Cartoon Network star, this gifted 11-year-old is obsessed with protecting his secret lab from the curiosity of his big sister Dee Dee. He has entertained millions of viewers around the world.

Figure Funko Pop Dee Dee – Cartoon Network No. 1068

Dexter’s slightly stupid big sister Dee Dee has only one obsession: finding out what her little brother is up to. His morbid curiosity is the source of all the little genius’ problems.

Figure Funko Pop Johnny Bravo – Cartoon Network No. 1069

As narcissistic as he is dumb, the hilarious Johnny Bravo, a sort of cross between Elvis Presley and James Dean, is always on the lookout for a young woman to conquer. Without success.

Figure Funko Pop Bull – Powerpuff Girls N°1081

A legendary member of the Powerpuff Girls, Bulle can talk to animals and speaks Spanish. She is the sweetest and kindest of the trio, but cries easily.

Figure Funko Pop Belle – The Powerpuff Girls N°1080

Leader of the Powerpuff Girls group, Belle is the smartest of the trio. However, she is also the most egocentric of the three.

Figure Funko Pop Rebelle – The Powerpuff Girls N°1082

Rebelle is the brunette of the Powerpuff Girls trio. Regarded as the coolest little girl in all of Metropolis, she is most notably the little thug of the group.

Figure Funko Pop Grofilou (Fuzzy Lumpkins) – The Powerpuff Girls N°1083

One of the Powerpuff Girls’ most iconic antagonists, Grofilou is the quintessential American hillbilly: he gets angry and dangerous when someone tramples on his property.

Figure Funko Pop Mojo Jojo – The Powerpuff Girls N°1084

The Powerpuff Girls’ true nemesis, Mojo Jojo, is a greenish monkey who lives in an observatory on top of a volcano. He is of impressive intelligence and a true genius of evil!

Figure Funko Pop Cleo – Cleo and Chico N°1071

Chico’s little sister, the heifer Cléo, can transform into a super heifer and squirt gallons of milk to fight his enemy Le Rouge. It is also Cleo as Super Heifer who is featured on this figure.

Figure Funo Pop Chico – Cleo and Chico N°1072

Cléo’s big brother, Chico, is an anthropomorphic and angry chicken. He can’t stand his sister’s games, but never hesitates to come to her aid when she is in danger.

Figure Funko Pop Courage – Courage the cowardly dog ​​N°1070

Courage is a very fearful dog who is afraid of everything, really everything. Except when it comes to protecting Murielle from supernatural dangers. He can count on his incredible ingenuity.

Attention, this magnificent Funko Pop figure is currently pre-ordered. Your figure will ship in February.

Figure Funko Pop BMO Cuisine – Adventure Time N°1073

Living with Finn and Jake, BMO is a robot with multiple abilities, including being a living game console.

Figure Funko Pop Princess Lumpy Space – Adventure Time N°1075

Princess Lumpy Space, recognizable by her purple cloud look, is an emblematic character of Adventure Time.

Figurine Funko Pop Ultimate Wizard Finn – Adventure Time N°1077

A young hero of the Adventure Time series, Finn is a young orphan who loves nothing more than adventure. He is represented here in his Magician version.


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