The French comedy razed to the ground for stereotyping the Portuguese

The French comedy razed to the ground for stereotyping the Portuguese

It’s called “Operation Portugal” and is a project by a French comedian who plays the protagonist.

“Operação Portugal” premieres in cinemas this Thursday.

One of the films that will be released this Thursday, August 12th, is the French comedy “Operação Portugal”. Directed by Frank Cimière, D’Jal plays, a French humorist who is known, among other things, for imitating the accent of the Portuguese living in France and drawing sketches according to this profile.

In this film, D’Jal plays Hakim, a French policeman of Moroccan origin who infiltrates the local Portuguese community to investigate the cocaine trade related to the construction sector.

In just three days, Hakim has to pass as a Portuguese, although he encounters several obstacles along the way – most notably his bad luck and general confusion. In between you will discover not just a community, but a family, as can be read in the project summary.

The cast includes just one well-known Portuguese actress, Carmen Santos, alongside names like Sarah Perles, Pierre Azéma, Eric da Costa or William Louis.

Regardless of the quality of the film, “Operação Portugal” has been widely criticized for its stereotypes of the Portuguese-French community. The magazine “Télérama”, for example, describes the film as “a collection of stereotypes about the Franco-Portuguese community”.

Many viewers posted their comments on the film on the Allociné portal. There are several who praise the production, but many others (including descendants of the Portuguese) who completely devastate the “Operação Portugal”.

“I had the bad idea of ​​seeing this film before the Portugal-France game to get in the mood. And it was really bad. Despite the world’s goodwill for a moment to celebrate, I couldn’t find this movie funny. He tries to make us laugh in an embarrassing way while circling through Portuguese clichés. I like the Portuguese D’Jal’s sketches on stage. But not enough to serve as the basis for an entire film, ”wrote a user of the portal.

“Scrap at the stratospheric level, with a very rancid view of the Portuguese community,” said another viewer. “Jokes don’t work. There are always the same clichés about the Portuguese. If the film had been shot with clichés about Americans, Africans, Jews and Indians, the associations would have acted. I wonder how we manage to finance such films? ”Explains another user.

“It’s a shameful film for the Portuguese community, it’s always the same clichés, the same jokes,” wrote another. “Another cliché with clichés about the Portuguese that are over 60 years old,” commented another Internet user.

“Based on outdated clichés, the film has no story or humor. Aside from leaving the cinema room uncomfortable, it doesn’t provoke any feelings in you. I wonder what it would have been like if this film had focused on other communities, we would have called it racism, ”wrote another viewer of the“ Operação Portugal ”.

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