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The free game of the week is one of the biggest hits of 2020

Like every Thursday, announcing free games from the Epic Game Store is always a great way to brighten up Gamers’ Day. As at the beginning of the month, today we are informing you about the title that you should not miss this week. And believe us, you won’t be disappointed because the free game of the week is already a cult.

Last week, the free basketball game NBA 2k21 kept the minds of gamers hunted for bargains on the Epic Games Store. From now on, it’s the turn of a completely different type of game to be the subject of an exclusive offer from the publisher. And the least we can say is that it has been talked about a lot since last year.

Below us is the free game of the week

This week we face a literally deadly game as it is among us! For those who spent the pandemic in a cave deep in the forest, we remind you of the principle of the game.

You and your friends slip into the role of a happy swarm of colorful astronauts on a mission into space. Only here is the problem: A (really) malicious intruder has sneaked into the space team.

The height of the horror: He threatens to eliminate each crew member one by one. As with the werewolves game in Thiercelieux, the objective of the game is to complete all of your missions while searching for the identity of the perpetrator for the horrific murder of your travel companions.

To do this, you need to debate with your friends and collect clues that will allow you to come to an agreement on the criminal’s identity. Of course, if you are the scammer your goal is to kill the crew and sabotage the ship without getting caught.

An interplanetary success that no longer needs to be proven

In times of the pandemic, this little gem from the independent Innersloth studio has established itself as a real phenomenon in online gaming. In addition, this is one of the titles that has been streamed the most, both in the high spheres of French-speaking Twitch and internationally.

So many have already got their hands on Under Us, especially since the game is already integrated free of charge for IOS, Android and in the Xbox Game Pass. In addition, the game costs only € 3.99 on PC. This exclusivity is therefore not so disproportionate.

That said, given the game’s immense success and its availability on many platforms, it’s still a nice touch.

For those who haven’t taken the plunge yet, this is the perfect opportunity to download the game, which will be available until May 3rd.


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