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The former head of the Israeli space program claims to know where aliens are

In 2017, NASA asked aliens to adopt our beautiful blue planet. The statement had reacted on social networks as this was a way of drawing attention to the climate emergency. However, the recent remarks made by a former head of the Israeli space program may lead us to question NASA’s original wishes with this supposedly humorous statement. We’ll take stock immediately.

The words of Haim Eshed

The aliens have agreed with the US government to keep silent about their experiments on Earth – as well as their secret base on Mars – until humanity is ready to accept them, the former head of the Israeli space program said in a new interview. In particular, Haim Eshed, currently 87, told the Israeli press:

The aliens have asked not to announce their presence here [parce que] Humanity is not ready yet. (…) So far the aliens have made an agreement to keep their movements secret. They waited for humanity to evolve and reach a point where we generally better understand what space and spaceships are.

Haim Eshed also revealed that aliens are known to Israel, but also to the United States:

Trump wanted to reveal it [l’existence des extraterrestres], but the Galactic Federation aliens said, “Wait, let people calm down first.” You don’t want to cause mass hysteria. They want to make us healthy and understanding first. There is an agreement between the US government and the aliens. You have signed a contract with us to conduct experiments here. They too are exploring and trying to understand the whole structure of the universe and they want us to help each other. There is an underground base in the depths of Mars where their representatives are located, as well as our American astronauts.

Haim Eshed also said that to date the aliens have made an agreement to keep their movements secret. The latter would therefore live in peace, waiting for humanity to have taken a sufficient step (that is, that people would be at peace with the idea that they exist).

Haim Eshed, a renowned aeronautical doctor

The Israeli press was quick to speculate that 87-year-old Eshed might become a victim of insanity. His declaration of a tangled network specifically claiming President Trump’s involvement and interplanetary diplomacy has indeed sparked great doubts on the minds of those who gathered his words. Still, Eshed, who headed Israel’s space security program from 1981 to 2010, would still have enough brains to write a book on the subject. However, the man is unable to provide evidence to support his claims, but tries to provide a number of details about the aliens in order to convince his audience.

You may wonder why Haim Eshed chose to bring this Galactic Federation up only today, not sooner. The latter declared on the subject that there was “nothing left to lose”. He also explains that speaking earlier would have put him in danger and that he would have been hospitalized. We had to wait until the mentalities changed at least a little. The man explains, “I am a graduate, I have received awards. I am respected in universities.”

The former head of space security has a PhD in aviation, which enabled him to oversee the launch of twenty Israeli satellites. And that’s not all ! In addition to the Chief of Staff’s Medal of Honor for Technological Innovation, Haim Eshed has received the Israeli Security Award three times. The now retired man wants to tell us more very soon, especially about how the aliens prevented a nuclear catastrophe on our earth. These revelations are formulated in his book “The Universe Beyond the Horizon, Conversations with Haim Eshed”.

If you are wondering what Donald Trump thinks of these statements, he has not yet responded to Haim Eshed’s comments. And if you want to contact the Galactic Federation by your side, you may need to be patient. The Jerusalem Post states that it has already tried to contact them but has not done so. Therefore, no comment could be obtained directly from the base on Mars.


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