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“The Flight Attendant”: The new addicting series that is a thriller and black comedy

“The Flight Attendant”: The new addicting series that is a thriller and black comedy

Kaley Cuoco is a hostess who wakes up next to a corpse after a one night stand. From there the story continues.

Cassie Bowden travels the world from city to city, party after party, with fleeting love encounters along the way. He’s got the life he wants as a flight attendant until one day everything goes wrong.

On a flight to Bangkok, the capital of Thailand, he connects with an attractive and wealthy man. After a crazy night he barely remembers, he wakes up the next morning with his corpse next to him. He was brutally murdered and Cassie has no idea what happened.

Like everyone in real life, he panics. Thousands of kilometers from home, without remembering anything, he begins to clean himself and pack his things in order to get away from there as quickly as possible.

A short time later, he flies to New York and hopes that he can give him the distance so that he never has to think about it again. That is the only thing that will continue to plague her – especially if she returns to the US and two FBI agents ask her about her involvement in the case, which they believe may be a conspiracy.

This is the basis for “The Flight Attendant”, the new series from HBO, which arrived on the streaming platform in Portugal this Thursday, November 26th. It has eight episodes and premieres one a week – but the first three chapters are already available.

Kaley Cuoco (known as Penny in “The Big Bang Theory”) plays the protagonist and is executive producer. It was she who, after reading a few pages of the book of the same name by Chris Bohjalian in 2018, immediately decided to acquire the customization rights through her production company. Only then did he read the whole book.

Cassie, the character who plays, is described as a carefree party girl who drinks regularly – an image she’s built over the years but now threatened with current events. With FBI agents, a concerned brother and a mysterious woman under control, anything will be difficult to deal with. Things only promise to get worse as the narrative progresses.

“Cassie has many shortcomings,” said Kaley Cuoco on a Television Critics Association panel. “It is an actor’s dream to be able to play someone like her. After getting out of Comedy and The Big Bang Theory, there was something that I thought might add some lightness to this obscure book. It was a big challenge for me. “

To help her with this process, Cassie has best friend and lawyer Annie (Zosia Mamet) – in addition to Megan (Rosie Perez).

The specialist critic praised the style of the series, combining elements of the thriller (taking into account the tense story) with points of black comedy. Furthermore, it’s not an unrealistic story about a girl who witnesses a crime and suddenly becomes an extremely noticeable action star.

Despite the satire and some deliberate exaggeration with surreal contours, it is a story about someone terrible happened to – and we shall see all the consequences of it, even if it is not a heavy and intense drama.

It has been described as an addicting and exciting series that devours in a day (at least when all episodes are available). In the beginning it’s a mini-series – that means there shouldn’t be any more seasons after this one.

The cast includes Merle Dandridge, Nolan Gerard Funk, Michelle Gomez, Michiel Huisman, TR Knight, Audrey Grace Marshall, Colin Woodell, Griffin Matthews, Yasha Jackson, Sherin Shetty, David Iacono and Stephanie Koenig.

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