The five best storylines in Eiichiro Oda’s manga!


One Piece is a cult manga par excellence and is gradually bringing us to an end. To pay tribute to this work we love, let’s take a look at the top five storylines!

1 / Arc Water Seven

After meeting Admiral Aokiji, Luffy and his friends set sail again and docked at Water Seven, a town that specializes in marine districts. They decide to have Vogue Merry repaired, but they learn it is beyond repair. Disagreements arise among the crew and things don’t go smoothly when Nico Robin, who joined the gang after the events of Alabasta, decides to leave the Straw Hat crew.

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In many ways, Water Seven is One Piece’s best story arc. First, it’s hands down the manga’s most tearful arc: between Nico Robin’s past and Vogue Merry’s farewell, “Water Seven” shed many tears … It’s also a deeply epic arc, including some of the best antagonists in the universe who invented by Eiichiro Oda: the CP-9. The fight between Rob Lucci and Luffy is absolutely insane, and whoever pits Zoro against Kaku can hardly envy him. And what about the arrival of the World Government Army arriving at Enie’s lobbies …

The Water Seven arc is also a concentrate of cult scenes like the fight between Luffy and Usopp, who temporarily leaves the crew. Luffy asks Sniper King to burn the flag of the world government; Luffy using Gear 4 for the first time. Eventually we will notice the arrival of Franky on the crew. The straw hats start the arc more broken than ever and come out bigger. A masterpiece!

2 / The war at the top

After searching Impel Down for his brother Ace, who is on the verge of being sentenced to death by the world government, Luffy, who is still separated from his crew, travels to Marineford, Navy HQ with Baggy the Clown. the ex-Corsair captain Mr. Crocodile of Mr. 2, the ex-Corsaire Jimbei and the revolutionary Emporio Invankov.

It is this unlikely bond that throws itself into the wolf’s mouth. On location, it is the greatest battle in manga history, in which the Navy and the seven captain corsairs face off against the army of Whitebeard, the most powerful man in the world, Luffy and his allies.

The War at the Summit is One Piece’s biggest highlight. Led by the beating of the drums, the Marineford Arch leaves the reader with no pause, ranging from monstrous fights (Whitebeard versus Sakazuki) to breathtaking revelations (Ace is the son of Gold Roger) to cult scenes (Shanks Le Roux, who ends) enough in war) to mourn sad scenes (the death of Ace and Whitebeard, the fight between Luffy and Garp). In addition, the consequences of the summit war can still be felt today. This shows the impact this narrative arc had.

3 / Wa No Kuni

After Luffy and his friends narrowly escaped from the dreaded Big Mom, they travel to Wa no Kuni, where the entire crew has met. After all, what has been annoying since the alliance between Luffy and Trafalgar Law is about to come: the confrontation with Kaido, the most powerful creature in the world.

Since the narrative arc is not yet finished, it could climb to first place on the podium in the coming months. Wa no Kuni is a true work of the goldsmith, the tension never decreases and the reader is lost in apnea like during the war on the summit. Wa no Kuni is divided into three acts and puts us in a kind of feudal Japan. He plays with the codes of Chanbara films.

There is no time for the reader to breathe, and throughout this arc the impression remains that the manga is nearing its end and that the events that take place there will be more than decisive.

4 / Thriller Bark

After the events of Water Seven and after escaping the certain death of Enie’s lobbies, the straw hats donned what turns out to be a gigantic pirate ship called Thriller Bark, the ship of Captain Corsair Gecko Moria. First of all, we are seduced by the Gothic vibe of this arch, which borrows much from Hammer’s horror movies and Tim Burton’s films. To the delight of his readers, Eiichiro Oda plays perfectly with the codes of the fantastic and the Gothic.

Of course, when faced with a private captain, expect an epic arc and the reader will not be disappointed. The fighting is fierce, the Mugiwaras are being pushed beyond their own borders. Especially after the defeat of Moria, the tension does not decrease as the crew has to face a second Captain Corsaire: Bartholomew Kuma.

Thriller Bark is also one of the funniest in the manga after the Davy Back Fight arc. However, Eiichiro Oda does not sacrifice emotions and with Brook gives us one of the saddest flashbacks in the history of the manga.

5 / alabasta

It’s been ages since the Alabasta Arc ended, but this story arc remains unforgettable. First, because Luffy and his gang competed against Crocodile, one of the most charismatic antagonists in the world of One Piece. Although the Straw Hat crew had already crossed with Dracule Mihawk, this was the first time they’d faced a Captain Corsair this head-on.

The alabasta arch is also, and most importantly, an integral part of One Piece’s mythology, most notably Nico Robin, who will be joining the Straw Hat crew, and Princess Vivi, one of the most popular second characters by fans. Finally, like any arch, Alabasta has a number of cult scenes, the most famous of which is the parting from Vivi, during which all crew members raise their fists marked with a cross.