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The first pictures of the film lick and make you want

A new Resident Evil movie was announced last October. A new cast has been introduced for the next film in the famous Japanese video game series, which will be alongside that of the new TV series. A recent announcement before the first frames of the film gives us an insight into the beginnings of this event film.

first pictures for an expected film

As always, the production company Constantin Film will be behind this new Resident Evil film. A film that has to focus on the first two parts of the Capcom saga, with a cast that includes Kaya Scodelario, Robbie Amell or Hannah John-Kamen. And as the @ROEnetwork Twitter account reports about Dualshockers, the first pictures of the film give us an insight into this expected production.

Our first look at the Spencer Mansion + NEW photos of the STARS helicopter from the upcoming # ResidentEvil Movie Reboot! #ResidentEvilMovie #ResidentEvilReboot pic.twitter.com/ULNsAbk1fQ

19th November 2020

Bright pictures that don’t leak a lot. Nevertheless, they allow us to take a first look at Spencer Manor and a STARS helicopter. In particular, there is the logo of the Racoon City Police Department, which includes Chris Redfield and Jill Valentine in particular. It remains to be seen what this new Resident Evil movie will be made of.

It’s still nice to learn more about this movie, which is expected just a few weeks after it was announced. A project that is progressing rapidly and could appear in cinemas from 2022. Note that a release date has not yet been announced. However, new information should reach us shortly. In any case we hope so.


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