The first inclusive font invented by a student

Tristan Bartolini, a student at an art school in Geneva, was awarded the Art Humanity Prize 2020 and may have just revolutionized our alphabet. The graphic designer actually invented typography that could change things …

“Sounds like Elvish”

What if our alphabet now has 66 letters? In any case, this is the wish of Tristan Bartolini, a student at the University of Art and Design in Geneva, who imagined new characters in order to put an end to so-called gender-specific writing in a work entitled “L”. inclusive “. Inspired by the Œ, this new typography” contains “male and female syllables and endings like” f “and” ve “and” r “and” se “. So” father “and” mother “become one and the same word, exactly like “woman” and “man.” When asked by the Tribune de Genève, the graphic designer said:

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I want this project to be just the beginning. I told myself that it’s not just about linguists and that we can offer graphic solutions. Thus this character system can be adapted to other fonts. I just created a communication tool.

As a reminder, inclusive writing is a way of using language to change mindsets about gender equality. In the Molière language, the masculine systematically predominates grammatically over the feminine. For example, “You are going to a restaurant” is correct even though there are both men and women in the group. If we were to rewrite this phrase in an inclusive way, it would read: “She and she go to the restaurant”.

In addition, the so-called Epicene script uses a period to denote the gender of a word, such as “cooks”, which then becomes “cooks”. The work of the graphic designer makes it possible to replace these median signs, which are considered bulky. If Tristan Bartolini remains humble and clear about his invention, he is aware that it could play a key role in the future and would make it possible to send a message in a society where diversity is increasingly expressed.

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