The first film by Wagner Moura has already premiered in Portugal


The first film by Wagner Moura has already premiered in Portugal

“Marighella” tells the story of one of the greatest opponents of the Brazilian dictatorship.

This is the first film by Wagner Moura

“Marighella”, the first film by the Brazilian actor Wagner Moura, opened in Portuguese cinemas on Thursday, May 20th. The presentation took place in the Nimas cinema in Lisbon and was made by Bruno Gagliasso, who plays in the production an agent of the political police of the Brazilian dictatorship who ordered the death of the politician and writer Carlos Marighella, played by Seu Jorge.

In a conversation with Agência Lusa quoted by RTP, Gagliasso admits the difficulty in interpreting this role: “It was very difficult and very effective. I play a racist character, a man who thinks he’s a patriot, and today I see that there are several in Brazil and around the world. It’s a cry of resistance ”.

In 2019 “Marighella” was presented to the public at the Berlin Festival. The pandemic has delayed the opening of the film in theaters around the world, mainly in Brazil, adding the problem of political problems to that country. As for this last obstacle, Bruno assumes that being an actor “makes politics” for him.

“Marighella” tells the story of the last five years of the life of the politician and guerrilla Carlos Marighella, which began in 1964 and ended in 1969. Marighella, considered “enemy number one” of the regime, was shot dead in 1969 in an ambush organized by the Department of Political and Social Order.