The final season of “This is Us” is the most exciting – even the executives cried


The final season of “This Is Us” is the most exciting – even executives cried

“They were crying so much that I didn’t know if I should continue,” said the creator of the zoom view.

Just when we expected that “This Is Us” would no longer touch or excite us, here is a season – the sixth and last – that will surprise even those who are already used to it, Dan Fogelman’s creation with a box of handkerchiefs to see nearby.

It was Fogelman himself who warned Deadline that the final phase of the Pearson story was so emotional that even the reaction of the executives surprised him.

During an event hosted by the magazine, the creator said he moved studio managers to tears during the season six presentation meeting at Zoom.

“People were crying so much that I wasn’t sure whether to continue or not [o visionamento]”He said.” Some cameras even went off and I thought I lost people, “he added.

On this, actor Sterling K. Brown, who plays Randall on the NBC series, added that Fogelman loves to see people cry over the series. “He likes to do that!” He joked. However, this time the Creator himself admitted that he cried during the writing process. “I was just about to write the season premiere, and it was the second time I’d cried while writing the series. I thought, ‘Oh god, what’s up?’ The first time was when William died. It made me cry. “

Whether everything will be clarified in the final season, which is due to start next year, the officer merely stated that everything had been very carefully thought out and that he was convinced of the result. However, he added that not even that tempts him to extend the series for another season because of its essence. The creator admitted the project is very important to him and everyone involved and said it was difficult to build on the story “because of the difficulty of managing the aging of the characters and going through flashbacks and flashbacks”. And he said, “I just don’t think I could do it the way I wanted to.”